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The following text contains descriptions of erotic acts
with plush stuffed animals ('plushies').
If you are a minor, or if you believe you may be offended
by descriptions of eroticism with plush stuffed animals,
please stop reading this text now.

A Plushie Lexicon
Version 2.6 / 25 April 2003

In the nine years since the online plushophile community was formed, we've evolved an extensive (and fairly arcane) dialect for ourselves. This is an attempt to provide a comprehensive glossary of the terms we plushies use to share The Joys Of Plush with each other...

1) A plush stuffed animal. 2) A short form of 'plushophile'.

An adult who loves or has a strong attraction to plush stuffed animals. The term 'sexual plushophile' has been used to refer specifically to those who engage in plush eroticism.

A personal attraction to plushies, which may or may not be expressed erotically. In general, plushophilia might best be thought of as 'the adult appreciation of stuffed animals'.

Speaking of Plush...
a.b.p.e.p FAQ
' Frequently Asked Questions'. The a.b.p.e.p newsgroup FAQ.

a.b.p.p FAQ
' Frequently Asked Questions'. The a.b.p.p newsgroup FAQ.

a.f.p FAQ
' Frequently Asked Questions'. The a.f.p newsgroup FAQ.

Shaped like a person. See 'morphic plushie', and 'zoomorphic', below.

A lover of teddy bears.

Artist bears
Collectible teddy bears, made more to look at than to cuddle. Usually jointed and stiffly-stuffed, with fur coats of mohair instead of plush.

a.s.p FAQ
' Frequently Asked Questions'. The a.s.p newsgroup FAQ.

The first time one goes all the way with a plush lover.

1) Palm-sized critter stuffed with pellets instead of fill, and usually covered with fabric instead of plush. 2) Pellet-filled parts inside of a larger plush, providing heft to the paws or bottom.

See 'Beanbag,' above.

When a plushie is posed with its legs spread or bum raised (or both).

A person who prefers sex with biological partners.

Kinder, gentler, gender-neutral term for plush lovemaking.

Boinkable [by design]
Term applied to a plushie which is seemingly custom-made for pleasuring. A 'talented' plush.

Boink space
A place on a plushie that's pleasing to poke.

Bubble G u n d
A methanol-based plush cleaner. Works great!

Kinder, gentler term for a plushie's rear end.

'Buy pairs for spares'
Buying two of a favorite cuddle-plush, keeping one as a future replacement.

Carpet burn
What vigorous contact with rough fabric can give to a plushophile.

Center seam
A seam which follows the midline of a plushie's tummy or bum.

Character plush
A stuffed representation of a character from a story, film, cartoon, or other entertainment medium.

Crane machine
A coin-operated game of skill which uses a claw-like device to pick up and dispense stuffed animal prizes.

A plushie whose primary function is for cuddling, or for sleeping with. Also: 'snuggle-plush'.

A plushie posed lying down in a curled position. Often lacks one or more legs. Also: 'bagel'.

A popular online source for plush, from generic teddy bears to fine antique Steiffs.

A 'retired' plushie that isn't sold anywhere anymore.

'F.A.O. Schwarz', a premier retailer of fine plush animals from around the world. ('F.A.O.' = 'Frederick August Otto')

See a.s.p FAQ, above; Plush Love/Sex Mini-FAQs, below.

To give a bodily substance to a plush. See 'gift, meal', below.

Polyester fiber used for stuffing. See 'poly-fil', below.

1) Stuffing. 2) To deposit a bodily fluid inside a plushie. See 'soak', below.

Fill seam
Manufacturer's term for the seam through which a stuffed animal is stuffed.

Finger paint
A form of scent marking; using one's finger to apply a scented substance on a plushie.

Affectation of 'fluff/fluffy' that implies sexiness. Also: 'foof'/'foofy'.

Full cuddle position
When a plush is posed with its arms and legs extended or otherwise specially configured for cuddling.

A popular online auction for furries where plushies and fursuits can often be found.

Furless lackey
An uncostumed escort/handler who accompanies a costumed fursuiter for assistance and/or security purposes.

A fanciful animal character with human (anthropomorphic) attributes, or a person who likes such characters. Many plushophiles have at least some affinity for furries.

An anthropomorphic animal costume.

A person who wears and/or makes fursuits.

A person who is sexually attracted to 'furry' characters.

To give something precious to a plush lover, such as one's sex or a bodily essence.

Goth jargon for plushie.

Hand hole
On a plush puppet, where one is supposed to insert one's hand.

Handle bars
Legs or arms used to grip onto during plush sex.

Hang tag
What many manufacturers typically attach to a plushie's ear. Also: 'swing tag', 'ear tag'.

Gender-neutral possessive.

A collection of teddy bears or other plushies.

Affectation of 'human'.

One who enjoys acting and/or being treated like an infant.

'In Plush We Thrust'
Unofficial motto of

The sewn-in lining of a 'strategically-placed hole' (See 'SPH', below). Also: 'sleeve'.

'In the wild'
In stores. (E.g., 'I haven't seen that plush in the wild in over a year.')

A plushie whose extremities can be independently positioned.

'The Joys Of Plush'
The constellation of all the wonderful things that loving plush animals brings into our lives.

Affectation of 'cute'.

Living Plushie
1) A fursuited person, usually in the context of cuddling, boinking or being treated as a giant living plushie would be. 2) A real life furry, that a normal plushie can only represent. 3) A real animal.

A lover of large things. See 'microphile', below.

A really BIG plushie!

What happens to a plushie's fur after months of cuddling. Generally caused by the tangling of plush fibers and accumulation of body oils, skin flakes, and lint.

See 'feed', above.

Meat sex
Sex with biological partners. Also: 'biosex'.

The Mattel plush 'Meeko' (the raccoon in Disney's 'Pocahontas'): the most universally popular stuffed critter in Plushiedom.

Since almost all of us are familiar with the Mattel Meeko, the Meekometer was devised as a unit of measurement to convey relative sizes of plushies. 1 Meekometer = 0.5 meter, or approx. 20 inches. e.g. 'My new lion is 2 Meekometers (or simply '2 Meekos') large.'

A plushophile whose favorite stuffed animal is Meeko.

A lover of tiny things. See 'macrophile', above.

The hair of an Angora goat, woven into a fabric backing. Used for the fur coat of some stuffed animals, typically artist bears.

Morphic plushie
A plushie with its body, arms, and legs configured like a person, e.g. teddy bears. See 'anthropomorphic', above; 'zoomorphic', below.

People who don't love plush animals like we do.

An obligate mention of plush in an otherwise off-topic post.

Off-topic. A topic not considered germane to the subject of a newsgroup or mailing list.

A common feature in a plushophile's residence.

Artificial fur made of fine strands of polyester plastic.

Alternate forms of plushie/plushies.

The first attempt, back in 1993, to bring together an online community of plushophiles.

Having sex with a plushie.

Plush Code
A categorical code of letters and symbols that succinctly summarizes one's personal plush preferences.

A group plush-shopping expedition. Also: 'plush hunt', 'plushie invasion'.

The erotic aspects (or erotic enjoyment) of a plushie.

1) A collective term for plushophiles. 2) A collective term for the members of one's plushie collection.

Plush furry
A plushophile who loves 'furry' animal characters.

An orgasm elicited by making love with a plushie.

Name of the bunny mascot.

Plushie button
A pin-back button featuring Plushie The ASP Bunny.

The online community of plushophiles.

Plushie fandom
See 'plushiedom', above.

Plushie inertia
The tendency for a group of shopping plushophiles to remain in one place and resist movement for long stretches of time.

Plushie list
Another name for the PML.

1) How a person expresses their feelings for plushies. 2) The condition of being a plushophile.

See section 'Plushies On The Internet'.

Plushie sandwich
Two people cuddling or making love with the same plushie simultaneously.

A person whose primary sexual preference is for stuffed animals. Also: 'sexual plushophile'.

Plush Love Mini-FAQ
For those of us for whom love comes first.

Plushophile gray
The off-color hue of a well-snuggled plushie.

Plushophile yellow
The off-color hue of a well-spooged plushie.

A plushie (or a feature of a plushie) that appeals strongly to the personal desires of a plushophile.

A person who feels threatened by the notion of an adult loving stuffed animals, and who reacts with hostility as a result. Also: 'plush basher'.

Plush pal
A stuffed animal companion.

Plush pile
1) A 'pile-o-plush'. 2) To cover or surround oneself with a large number of plushies. Also: 'plush diving'.

Plush plunging
Poking a plushie.

Plush rush
The rush of adrenaline or feeling of arousal that a plushophile experiences when they encounter an ideal plush partner.

Plush Sex Mini-FAQ
A short guide to sex with plushies.

Plush toting
Carrying a stuffed animal in public.

A 'furverted' plushophile.

Possessing plush fur. Most plushies are plushy.

The PlushYiff Mailing List. (No longer exists.)

See section 'Plushies On The Internet'.

Pocket plush
A tiny plushie that can fit in one's shirt pocket. Great for making people smile! :)

Same as 'boinkable', but applies to men, specifically.

Kinder, gentler term for what some male plushophiles do with their plushies.

Brand name for polyester fiberfill: what many stuffed animals are stuffed with.

Plush Sex.

Re-depositing a scent on the fur of a plushie.

Re-depositing a bodily fluid inside a plushie.

1) What happens to a well-loved plushie when it becomes too worn or soiled to be a regular partner anymore. 2) Discontinuation by a manufacturer.

'Real Life'. Also: 'IRL' - 'In Real Life'.

A plushophile who has feelings of true love for his/her plushies.

Scent boink
Becoming aroused and/or masturbating while smelling a plushie.

A plushie that smells like the person who loves it, or that has been scent marked in some way.

Scent mark
Giving a plushie a specific personal scent.

Seam ripper
A sewing tool used to cut stitches and open seams.

Side leg syndrome
When a plushie is posed lying down with both hind legs out in front of it. Looks nice, but it's an awkward posture for cuddling. Also: 'one-sided leg syndrome'.

Gender-neutral pronoun.

Signs of use
Physical changes in a plushie that have resulted from cuddling or sex.

1) A fabric sheath worn around one's penis during insertive plush sex. 2) A synonym for 'insert'.

To lay on top of and compress something, e.g. a person may enjoy smooshing plushies, or being smooshed by them.

Snuggle Buggles
A brand of stuffed animals with a vibrator inside.

The matted appearance (or scent) of a well-loved plush.

To get a plushie wet with a bodily fluid. See 'fill', above.

Soft toy
British term for stuffed animal/plushie.

A 'strategically-placed appendage': a penile attachment used for receptive plush sex or anatomical correctness.

A 'strategically-placed hole': an opening in a plushie (usually a modification) used by some male plushophiles for insertive plush sex. Also: 'love hole'.

A plushie which has been given an SPH (Also: SPA'ed, etc.)

Meaning highly variable, depending on context. When used by plushophiles, the word 'spooge' typically refers to the depositing of sexual fluids (semen, vaginal secretion) on a plushie. To 'get spoogey' with a plushie is to have sex with it.

To disgust someone.

A plushie that has gone somewhere it's not supposed to.

Studio plush
A life-sized, free-standing, realistic plush sculpture.

Synonym for 'plushie'.

Surface hump
To poke into a plushie's fur.

Using sewing tools to modify a plush.

Design feature which makes a plushie desirable for boinking.

'TeddyRuxpin', a plushophile renowned for his expert abilities in constructing/modifying/repairing stuffed animals.

'Toys R Us', large chain of toy stores known for their wide selection of plushies.

Tush tag
Industry term for the tag manufacturers typically sew into a seam in a plushie's bum.

Visual boink
Becoming aroused and/or masturbating while looking at a plushie.

White fuzzies
Fiberfill adhered to one's penis after insertive PS.

Whole body hug
What you get when you cuddle a large plushie.

Meaning highly variable, depending on context. To 'yiff' a plushie is to have sex with it. A 'yiffy plushie' is one that elicits arousal.

A short form of 'zoophile', a person who has a deep personal love for RL animals.

Shaped like a real animal. See 'anthropomorphic', above.

Synonym for 'fursuit'.

A person who has a strong personal attraction to fursuits.

Plushies On The Internet (a.s.p)
The principal Usenet home for plushophiles, newgrouped in August 1994. a.s.p was instrumental in the formation of the Internet plushie community we have today, and it remains our main medium for reaching out to fellow plushophiles online. (ALF)
A 'furry' newsgroup for those who have a strong, personal affinity for animals, both fanciful and real. Plushophilia is specified in ALF's charter as a welcomed topic of discussion. erotica.plushies (ABPEP)
A newsgroup for erotic plushie pictures. alt.binaries.erotica.beanie-babies is a similar group. / plushies
Non-sexual alternatives to a.s.p and ABPEP.

These 'alt.*' newsgroups also discuss stuffed animals:

Cybears Marketplace
Email forum for buying and selling artist bears and other stuffed animals. See: for subscription information.
German language plushie newsgroup.

Fursuit List
Private, non-sexual email forum for discussion of fursuits and their construction. For active fursuiters only.

Fuzzy Friends mailing list
Non-sexual email forum for people of all ages who love stuffed animals. See: for subscription information.

G u n d Teddy Bear Talk
G u n d's message board. Follow links at:

Plushie Perversions
A Yahoo! Groups mailing list: Adult forum for plushophiles; emphasis on the sexual and erotic areas of plush love. Sexual content is acceptable and encouraged. To subscribe, go to:

A ring of websites devoted to loving plush animals. Start at either Reference Link, below.

The 'Plushie Mailing List': Private, adults-only email forum for plushophiles; some sexual material allowed. To subscribe, complete the application form at:

Teddy Bear mailing list
Forum for bear artists and collectors. See: for subscription information.

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