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Plush Love Mini-FAQ
Some frequently asked questions about plushophilia
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* "What is a 'plushophile'?"
A plushophile is a person who loves stuffed animals ('plushies'). Most of us have purely platonic feelings for our plush pals, but some plushophiles may express their love erotically. is a newsgroup for all people who truly love stuffed animals, each in their own personal way.

* "Why do you love stuffed animals?"
Plushies are made to be loved! Consider their visual appeal and softness, their furriness, huggability, and cuddliness - stuffed animals are created entirely for the purpose of bringing people happiness. Our plush friends bring joy into our lives, and we love them for it, plain and simple.

* "That I understand, but why do you _make_love with stuffed animals?"
For the same reasons, but also because plush lovemaking can be a deeply affecting experience. We know most people who love plushies don't express their feelings sensually, and might be offended by the very idea. Stuffed animals are symbols of innocence, after all. Love, in what ever form, is nothing to be ashamed of, though, and we sincerely regard our personal passion for plush as an equally innocent form of loving.

* "Why make love with a plushie instead of another person?"
We can love both at the same time! Admittedly, the love we feel for people is different than the love we feel for our plushies. To join with someone who can fully reciprocate your love is the greatest joy in life. On the other hand, a special plush critter can be an ideal companion: a warm, huggable presence who will always be there for you, through thick and thin. No plush lover will ever leave you, cheat, lie, or betray you, break your heart, give you a disease, or hurt you in any way. Plush companions can bring a wonderful, unfettered happiness into your life, and, if you're open to it, a wonderful lovemaking experience, as well.

* "How do you make love with plushies?"
If you, yourself, truly love a special stuffed animal, chances are you've already done most of what we do when we make love with our plushmates: we hug and pet them, cuddle and nuzzle them, kiss them. Softness, warmth, and closeness can bring on arousal, and we just follow our whimseys from there. What you do doesn't have to be erotic, only what feels comfortable for you. How you learn and express your own form of plush lovemaking is entirely a matter of personal discovery. We can attest - the Joys of Plush are well worth discovering, and sharing with others. That's what is all about.

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