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The following text contains descriptions of erotic acts
with plush stuffed animals ('plushies').
If you are a minor, or if you believe you may be offended
by descriptions of eroticism with plush stuffed animals,
please stop reading this text now.

Plush Sex Mini-FAQ
Some frequently asked questions about plushie sex
Contributed by a friend ©

* How does one have sex with a plushie?
Mostly we teach ourselves. Myself, I discovered plush sex long before I knew there was another adult in the world who loved stuffed animals as I did. I just cuddled and slept with my special plushie, and being a normal man, my body could not help but show my feelings. At first I resisted, because I regarded my love for my plushies as purely innocent, but I came to realize that consummating that love was innocent, too, and completely natural. It was a feeling I just could not deny, nor feel ashamed of in any way. That first time, I didn't do anything to my plushie directly, I simply embraced it while I brought myself to orgasm. This is one of the most common ways that people make love with their plushies. My favorite method now is to press myself tenderly into my lovers' plush fur. It's a truly exquisite sensation!

* What other kinds of plush sex are there?
Stroking a plushie over any sensitive part of ones body is another nice way to achieve arousal. Some of us have such strong feelings for plushies that we can make ourselves peak just by looking at them, or just sniffing their scent. Many other fetishes can easily be combined with plush sex, as well. How you discover and express your own form of plushophilia is entirely a matter of personal exploration and discovery. Indulge freely in your fancies!

* Do people modify their plushies for sex?
Some of us do. One form of modification is to create what we call a 'strategically-placed hole' (SPH) on a plushie. Some may desire their plushie to penetrate them, so they equip their partner with a male-like modification: a 'strategically-placed appendage' (SPA). Alterations such as these are not always made for the purpose of penetration, though. People may simply want their plushies to appear as lifelike as possible.

* Should I 'go all the way' with my plushies?
I do! To me, giving my gift of love to my plushies is a sacramental act. However, unless you like your partners to be spoogey (which some of us do), be aware that semen or vaginal fluid can mar their fur if left to dry untreated. If this concerns you, be sure to comb and dry the fur thoroughly right after sex, and untangle all the stuck-together plush. Because even simple cuddling will wear out a plushie over time, though, I always try to buy at least two of a stuffed animal that I know I couldn't live without. That way, I can love one without any inhibition, and still have a new one if/when the time comes to retire the first.

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