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The Plush Code
Compiled by L o n t r a
Version 2.0 / 4 June 2000

Principal Categories: Plushies (P)/Fursuits (F)
P -- Favorite Plush Species

aar:Aardvarks, anteaters, edentatesleo:Leopards
amp:Amphibians in generallio:Lions
aqu:Aquatics in generallyn:Lynxes
bad:Badgersmar:Marsupials in general
bir:Non-predatory birdsmee:Meerkats
can:Wild caninesmur:Murids: mice, rats
car:Carnivores in generalmyt:Mythicals in general
cat:Domestic felinesott:Otters
cer:Cervines in generalpan:Pandas
cet:Cetaceans in generalpeg:Pegasii
cow:Cowspol:Polar bears
coy:Coyotespre:Predators in general
dee:Deerpri:Primates: monkeys, apes
dog:Domestic caninesrap:Raptors, birds of prey
dol:Dolphinsred:Red pandas
dra:Dragonsrep:Reptiles in general
ele:Elephantsrod:Rodents in general
equ:Equines in generalsca:Scaleys in general
exo:Exotics in generalsea:Seals
fel:Wild felinessku:Skunks
fox:Foxessno:Snow leopards
gar:Gargoylested:Teddy bears
her:Herbivores in generaltig:Tigers
hip:Hippopotamiung:Ungulates in general
hum:Humansurs:Non-anthropomorphic bears
kan:Kangarooswea:Mustelids in general

If your favorite plush species isn't listed here, you can devise your own species code by using the first three letters of the animal's name, or if that would be ambiguous, spell out the full species name in the brackets

F -- Fursuits (optional)

F[species code] : I've worn a [species code] fursuit
e.g. F[dra,pan] - I've worn dragon and panda fursuits
>F[species code] : I haven't worn a fursuit, but I would like to wear a
[species code] fursuit someday (alternatively, the > may be placed immediately preceding the species code)
!F:I'm not interested in animal costumes

Add '*' after a species code if you own a fursuit of that species

(See example at bottom for coding the P/F category)

B -- Bedtime
B++:I always sleep with a plushie
B+:I sleep with a plushie often
B:I sleep with a plushie sometimes
B-:I don't sleep with a plushie
!B:I would never consider taking a plushie to bed with me

BB -- Beanie Babies(tm)
BB++:I adore Beanie Babies, and I'm an enthusiastic collector
BB+:I love Beanie Babies, and I've collected several
BB:I like Beanie Babies, and may own a few
BB-:I dislike Beanie Babies
!BB:I reject Beanie Babies and the whole commercial craze

C -- Cuddling
C++:I'm a cuddling addict; I cuddle my plushies several times a day
C+:I cuddle my plushies often, usually every day
C:I cuddle my plushies sometimes
C-:I'm not much into cuddling
!C:I don't cuddle; my plushies are strictly for looking at

E -- Emotions
E++:I feel true love for my plushies
E+:I feel some degree of love for my plushies
E:I feel some degree of affection for my plushies
E-:I have little emotional feeling for my plushies
!E:I have no emotional feeling for plushies
Es:I have sexual feelings for plushies

FF -- The Furry Connection
FF++:I love anthropomorphic animals, and I participate in furry fandom
FF+:I love anthropomorphic animals
FF:I like anthropomorphic animals
FF-:I don't like anthropomorphic animals
!FF:Anthropomorphic animals are irrelevant to me

I -- Imagination
I++:I have rich fantasies involving my plushies; they live in my mind
I+:I treat my plushies like individual personages with feelings
I:My plushies are not just inanimate objects; they represent more to me
I-:Plushies are inanimate objects; I imagine no more, no less
!I:I've never had any fantasies or imaginings concerning my plushies

M -- Making/Modifying Plushies
M+$:I make/modify plushies as part of my livelihood
M+:I've made/modified a lot of plushies
M:I can make/modify a plushie myself
M-:I've never made/modified plushies
>M:I'd like to make/modify plushies someday
!M:Forget it, I can't even sew

MM -- Mattel Meeko - The most popular plush in Plushiedom (optional)
MM++:I couldn't imagine life without my Mattel Meeko
MM+:I own a Mattel Meeko and he's a favorite cuddle partner
MM:I own a Mattel Meeko
MM-:I don't own a Mattel Meeko
>MM:I'd like to add a Mattel Meeko to my collection someday
!MM:I have no desire to own a Mattel Meeko

(Insert an 'h' after MM if you own a Meeko with an SPH; '@' for an SPA)

N -- Numbers - How many plushies do you own?
N+++:Several hundred
N++:Over a hundred
N:A few

O -- Out in Public
O++:I take a plush pal with me almost everywhere I go
O+:I enjoy carrying plush in public on occasion
O:I've carried a plushie in public, but only a few times
O-:I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying a plushie in public
>O:I haven't carried a plushie in public, but I may someday
!O:Under no circumstances would I carry a plushie in public

Sp/Sf -- Plushie and Fursuit Sex
Sp -- Plushie Sex

Sp++:Plush eros is my primary sexual preference
Sp+:Intimacy with my plushies is an important part of my sex life
Sp:I have been sexually intimate with my plushies, but not a lot
Sp-:I have no desire to have plush sex, but I'm not against it
Sp--:The idea of having sex with plushies offends me
>Sp:I haven't been intimate with my plushies, but I may someday
!Sp:My relationship with my plushies will always be purely platonic

Sf -- Fursuit Sex (optional)

Sf++:I've had fursuit sex several times and I really enjoy it
Sf+:I've had fursuit sex at least once
Sf:I think fursuits can be sexy
Sf-:I don't think fursuits are sexy
Sf--:The idea of having fursuit sex offends me
>Sf:I haven't had fursuit sex, but the idea appeals to me
!Sf:I have no erotic interest in fursuits at all

#S:What I do sexually is nobody's business

T -- Favorite Types of Plushies
a:Anthropomorphic - I like plushies that are conformed like teddy bears
b:BDSM - I like plushies in bondage gear
c:Color - I have a strong preference for certain colors of plush
d:Dressed - I like plushies that wear clothing or other adornments
f:Firm - I prefer plushies that are stuffed firmly
%:Spooged - I like plushies that show signs of sexual use
h:SPH - I enjoy plushies that have a strategically-placed hole
i:Infantilized - I like plushies that are dressed like babies
j:Jointed - I like plushies whose limbs can be moved and posed
k:Cuddled - I like plushies that have a 'well-loved' look
m+:Macrophile - I like really big plushies
m-:Microphile - I like really small plushies
o:Scented - I like plushies that have a particular smell
p:Puppets - I like plush puppets
r:Realistic - I like plushies that look like the real animal
s:Soft - I prefer plushies that are understuffed or floppy
t:Talented - I look for plushies that are boinkable in some way
u:Unadorned - I like my plushies unclothed and without adornments
w:Whimsical - I like plushies that are fanciful forms of the real animal
x:Damaged - I like plushies that have been mistreated in some way
z:Characters/toons - I like plushies of cartoon characters
@:SPA - I enjoy plushies that have a strategically-placed appendage
*:I like just about all types of plushies

Gender and Age
Select one of these letters to indicate your gender...
#g:My gender is nobody's business

...then choose one of these to indicate how old you are...
a+++:50+ years
a++:40-49 years
a+:30-39 years
a:18-29 years
#a:My age is nobody's business

...then combine the gender and age codes together: e.g. ma++, fa, ta+, #g#a

By way of example, here is my Plush Code (2.0):
P[bun,cer]/!F B++ BB C+ Es++ FF+ I+ M+ MMh N+++ O+ Sp++/!Sf Tchkotwz ma++

Which translates as: I like plush bunnies and cervines most of all, fursuits don't interest me, I always sleep with a plush, I like Beanie Babies, I usually cuddle plush every day, I'm a romantic sexual plushophile, I love anthropomorphic animals, I treat my plushies like individual personages with feelings, I have modified many plushies, I own a modified Mattel Meeko, I own several hundred plushies, I like to carry a plush in public on occasion, plush eros is my primary sexual preference, I have no erotic interest in fursuits, I prefer plushies that are soft, cuddled, SPHed, boinkable, toony, whimsical, a specific color and scent, and I'm a male over 40. (Yikes!;)

Copyright 2000 L o n t r a. All rights reserved.

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