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Some of the images on this page may be offensive to some viewers.
This may include cartoons, anthropomorphic characters, plush animals
or people in fursuits, suggesting or exhibiting some sexual behavior.
Nothing here is worse than PG-13 though!

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Here are more images (Jun 30, 1999)

Lolaphilia, perhaps one step too far...

Images I've captured off the net
51k .jpg
Cool Bear
20k .jpg
15k .jpg

13k .png
Donatello ©
by Colin Crisanti
10k .png
Leonardo ©
by Colin Crisanti
14k .png
Michaelangelo ©
by Colin Crisanti
12k .png
Raphael ©
by Colin Crisanti
103k .jpg
Plush Phone Sex
© by Bucky Boy
6k .jpg
Grover dumping!
48k .jpg
Goofy & Max

Images I've captured from the television
109k .jpg
Billy Biggle
80k .jpg
Gruffi Gummi
71k .jpg
114k .jpg
Billy Biggle
33k .jpg
Jam Jaguar
61k .jpg
65k .jpg
59k .jpg
Billy Biggle was
animated by me
from grabs made
by Snappy and
assembled with
Image Alchemy
by Handmade
280k .gif
Billy Biggle
88k .jpg

Images I've made
37k .jpg
FoxWolfie Galen
32k .jpg
FoxWolfie Galen
68k .jpg
Moon wolf
104k .jpg
Happy ferret
42k .jpg

161k .jpg
Big Bad Wolf
118k .jpg
Wile E. Coyote
The A.S.P. Bunny.
36k .png
© by Farallon
49k .png

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