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This page contains resources of interest to Plushophiles, Zootaphiles, Toonophiles, Furries, Texturephiles, etc. Some of the links have to do with one's sexuality or may lead to images or text that some viewers may find objectionable. If you are looking for mindless nudity or pornography, you will not find it here. If you are uncomfortable with any of this, please use the BACK button on your browser now.

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What is a Plushie, Fursuit, Furry, etc?

PlushYiff Survey version 1.2 (Mature readers only please)

PlushYiff Survey results (Mature readers only please)
(Updated: Nov 25, 2001)

The Plush Code 2.0 (English & German versions)
My Plush Code:
P[rac,fox,fer]/F[wol,ted*,tig,>fox,>rac] B++ BB+ C+ Es+ FF+ I M MMh+ N+++ O+ Sp++/Sf++ T%ozam+skp ma+

Fur Code version 1.3
My Fur Code:
FCFf3c/PRf3c/M3a/MaB3a/U3a A->++ C+ Dm++++ H++ M P++++ R- T+++ W Z- Sm++ RLAT a+ cd/w/l++ d-- e++ f+++ h++ iwf+ j* p* sm+

a.s.p FAQ version 3.6 (Updated: Apr 25, 2003)
a.b.p.e.p FAQ version 1.8 (Updated: Apr 25, 2003)
a.b.p.p / a.f.p FAQ version 1.0.2

Plush Sex Mini-FAQ
Plush Love Mini-FAQ

A Plushie Lexicon 2.6 (Updated: May 25, 2004)

Plushie Resources List (Updated: Apr 25, 2003)

Photos, Drawings, Captures, etc. (G to PG-13 rated)

Plushie Now! A.S.P. Bunny (c) Farallon
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Areas of Interest to Plushophiles and Furries
  * Juice and Spunk
  * Cub Central  Cub Central
  * Super Jay
  * Guppy's Page  Guppy's Homepage
  * ConFURence.com - Furry Lynx
  * FurryMUCK  The FurryMUCK Home Page
  * Bear St. presents The Wide Wild World of Gund
  * The Lion King Archive  The Lion King WWW Archive
  * Rapid T. Rabbit's New York City Rabbit Hole
  * Dr. Cat's Furcadia
  * Nakira's Den
  * Torrle's Page  Torrle The Wolf's Web Page
  * Bucky Boy
  * Bender's Site  Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia
  * Joe Ekaitis' Page  Joe Ekaitis's Anthropomorphic Animal Art
  * Captain Packrat's Plush Central
  * Fur Central  Captain Packrat's Fur Central
  * BlayZe's Page  BlayZe BrightScale's Page
  * Furnpike Site  The Furnpike - Furry, Anthro & Transformation Sites

Lifestyles and Sexuality
  * Gay Web Menu
  * The Society for Human Sexuality
  * Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Stuff

Online Auctions
  * FurBid  FurBid - The first and best furry auction site
  * eBay  eBay

Search Engines
  * FTP Search
  * The Internet Movie Database
  * Alta Vista Search
  * WebCrawler Search
  * Starting Point
  * AT&T Internet Toll Free Directory

Other Helpful and Fun Links
  * Twisted  Twisted Tunes  Tunes
  * Forté Home Page (Agent offline newsreader)
  * JP Software (4DOS / 4NT / 4OS2)
  * Handmade Software, Inc. (Image Alchemy)
  * PBS Kids!
  * The Sci-Fi Channel
  * SeaWorld

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