Good For Nuthin String Band
Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western NY's best original String Band with
Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, Cello, Upright Bass, and Hammered Dulcimer

Good friends playing a diverse blend of authentic Traditional Early American Music
at concerts, festivals, restaurants, historic events and private parties.

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Band News and Upcoming Events:

Winter Tour 2017 - 2018 - Michael is again touring the Deep South this winter and has solo performances scheduled.

January 1 thru late March - Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park Museum, White Springs, FL - 1:30 pm - 3:30. Wednesday thru Sunday every week.
NOTE: Michael's been delayed in getting to Florida this year due to the inclement weather. Hopefully that will change soon!

Michael's additional Florida venues to be announced.

We are currently working on and recording our 4th album.

Also, work on Michael's solo CD which was recorded "with friends" is done and is now available.

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Watch here for more details and for upcoming appearances with the whole band.

Music for Mountain Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer
Michael Vickey & Friends Featuring 12 Old-Time Country Dance and Parlor Traditional-style tunes, including 3 of Michael's originals.

$15.00 + $3.00 mailing. Available by mail: M J Vickey, PO Box 367, North East, PA 16428 or order online:

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Nuthin Better to Do
Our CD "Nuthin Better To Do" is our 3rd CD and features 15 Old-Time and Mountain Traditional-style tunes, including 3 Good for Nuthin String Band originals.

Click HERE to see a tune list and cover art from our 3rd CD "Nuthin Better To Do"

$15.00 Available at several retail outlets including the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park gift shop in White Springs, FL or order online:

Secure online ordering:

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Good for Nuthin String Band #2.
Our CD # 2 is our 2nd CD and features 13 Instrumental Old-Time and Mountain Traditional-style tunes, including 5 Good for Nuthin String Band originals.

Click HERE to see a tune list and cover art from our CD #2

$15.00 Available at several retail outlets including the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park gift shop in White Springs, FL or order online:

Secure online ordering:

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You can also order the Good for Nuthin String Band CD's by mail.
Send check or money order along with your mailing address and choice of CD(s) to:

M J Vickey
PO Box 367
North East, PA 16428

$15.00 each + $3.00 shipping in USA - Make payment to: "M J Vickey"

OR - Listen to sound clips
and Buy our CDs or Download MP3 files from them at:

Good for Nuthin String Band: #2 Traditional American Roots Music

Good for Nuthin String Band: Nuthin Better To Do

What others are saying about our CDs:

Kathy F. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania says "Wow!!! I picked up a copy of your latest CD when I was in the Shop on Friday, and I tried to listen to it while I was folding laundry over the weekend. I don't recommend that! A lot of foot tapping happened, but not much laundry got folded. It is amazing!! I listened to it on the way to work, and plan to make my boss listen later today when we travel to WV for a seminar tomorrow. Your CD is FUN and showcases the talents of all the various string players. I can't seem to get enough! The group sounds so tight - masterful. I am in awe. . . . The mandolin is incredible. I love your notes on the insert, too. Full of fun and personality. Congratulations on an excellent collection!"

Andy B. from Portland, Oregon says "Outstanding CD! We have listened to it twice and shared it with some folks from Canada while we had some beers and a tour of our RV. The engineering and quality are very professional . . . and it sounds sweet on my player without any adjustment as we go from tune to tune."

Jodie von G. from New York says "We are listening to your CD as I write. We are thrilled with it! The sound is excellent and the playing is top notch. It is my favorite CD as of now!!!!"

Al P. from Ligonier, Pennsylvania says "So what do I do? I put on Number Two for the first time. And, I am enthralled. It is terrific. I love the Vickey compositions, I love the traditional, I love it all. And, from someone who mostly listens to Bach, and, when it can be found, good New Age, it is simply delightful! Many, many thanks . . . have a great evening. You have made mine a lot better!"

Charlie B. from Clearwater, Florida says ". . . nice work - nice graphics - nice music - very pleased - its a great album! Much respect."

Kate G. from Arlington, Virginia says "Oh, this is good stuff, Michael! I am listening to the cd as I write (even though the computer speakers donít do it justice.) I have gone back twice to Dingleyís Acre. It is haunting and beautiful. White Springs called to my Irish and Scot ancestors. OK, most of them do for good reason. . . .You guys have too much fun while you are playing. When I heard the spoons I almost fell out of my seat - havenít heard them in years."

Master Instrument Maker, Dennis Dorogi of Brocton, NY says "I am enjoying your very lively CD. It is a nice group effort. Best I have heard in a long time. It is going to be played a lot. I like the way your group integrates the dulcimer with the other instruments. It seems to fit in as if it belongs there."

Michael plays "St. Anne's Reel" with Florida Champion Fiddle Player Matt Miller - Grayton Beach, Florida

Michael and Sue play a Mountain Dulcimer Duet

Thanks to Larry McLean for the above picture.

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A great place to stay when in Western NY / Chautauqua area: Hazen Manor

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