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Where it all began
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HoneyHurst Poodles

Where HoneyHurst began. 1912 Photo of Honey and her dog, Peggy

Where it all began

Welcome to HoneyHurst Poodles website.
Our Standard Poodles are all AKC registered and bred with love, patience and understanding for health, temperament and good looks.

 If you ever thought of having a poodle, now is the time.
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Standard Poodles are much more than just a pet. With the proper training they can do anything from conformation, obedience, agility, companion dog, guard dog, retriever on land and in the water. Visit our picture pages and see some of our poodles at their best. 

Neige is now retired from the show ring and has successfully completed her Canine Good Citizen test and fulfilled the requirement for her Companion Dog title.  Puff also finished her first obedience title and will continue with her ring career. Neige left us in November 2009. Puff and Ch.Farleys are Therapy dogs.

Photo by Paul Lorei

The Matriarch

Le Petit Prince

CH. Farleys D Shiloh

Le Petit Prince

Phyllis and first Poodles

Phyllis Aiello
Erie, Pennsylvania



Ch.Farleys D Shiloh 
PCA April 2010

Therapy Dog 

Puff LeDragon Magique CD, RN
Getting Ready For Christmas

Therapy Dog 


Whew, first time in obedience, first leg Now why didn't I do that at the national show?
Neige's first leg of her CD title. Puff gets her CD title

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