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  Hi. My name is Mike Gallagher. I've been busy since 1992 hand-crafting wooden gifts in my workshop. I start with Pennsylvania hardwoods, and plane, saw, sand, stain, finish, and sometimes even steam them into the fine gifts shown on this site. I'm a one-man factory, so if you have any questions, you'll be talking directly (and simultaneously) to the CEO, the craftsman, and the janitor. 

Each three-dimensional puzzle is carefully constructed of Pennsylvania hardwoods, such as cherry, walnut, butternut, sycamore, or maple. These puzzles can be a challenging gift, or merely an interesting accent for any home's decor. 

Shaker crafts include Shaker boxes and trays, made in a fashion similar to the originals. 

I also have been fixing several types of chair caning for about 7 years now. 

Finally, I make a wide variety of natural finished cherry spoons, salad sets, and several other useful kitchen utensils. These are all finished with nontoxic mineral oil, so they are safe to use in the preparation of any food. The Renaissance utensils are about the same size as typical silverware, ideal for your participation at Renaissance festivals! These utensils make excellent wedding gifts!

The Ordering Information link describes how to buy the items on this site. Or, you can go directly to the Order Form. Read some recent customer comments, or see us at a recent show.


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