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Didn't dots used to be called points?

Zucchini Brothers

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Latest Update on 8/13/2010

It was one of THOSE days
Zucchini Brothers - Ripe (with headache) and Green (with clubs).

The Zucchini Brothers, or "Zukes" as they are sometimes called, are a two-man club throwing, ball spinning, ladder balancing, torch tossing, comedy extravaganza-of-fun.

Certainly, a "must see"!

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Hiring the Zucchini Brothers

If you would like to find out about hiring the Zucchini Brothers for your special event or function, please call them at 1-678-468-3094 for a price and availability schedule.

Assorted Pictures of the Zukes

Want some assorted pictures? There's no telling what you may find as more pictures could get added later!
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Bottled Zukes

Want to see bottled Zukes? This picture has them pickled in a jar.
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Juggling Pictures

Count 'em 1-2-3-4Count 'em 1-2-3

The Zucchini Brothers are expert jugglers with years of experience. They can juggle 6, 7, or 8 clubs back and forth with various phenomenal moves. They also juggle 7 flaming torches. They juggle machete knives in their finale. With that danger, you could refer to them as the Zukes of Hazzard!
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Juggling Movies

Moving ExperienceMoving Right Along

The Zucchini Brothers are very moving! After all, at least one ball or club is in the air most of the time! So, check out some of their moves with the movies link below!
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Ripe's Renderings

Did you know that Ripe is an artist? He has created many drawings including the signs that you see at the Zucchini Brothers' shows. You can see some samples of his artistic work at the Ripe's Renderings link below:
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Ripe's Rope Tricks

Ripe has learned to perform tricks with rope. He can swing a rope and allow it to tie a knot around a gold ring. He also walks on a ladder while twirling a rope around children or creating images with string. Ripe continues to be a student of learning. Rumor has it that he is experimenting with origami which is a fascinating art of creating objects with paper.
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Zucchini Brothers' Finale

It's Danger - OOOH

The Zucchini Brothers are terrific throughout their show. However, to top things off, they perform a marvelous finale at the end of their show. They pick a member of the audience to wear an apparatus that spins 4 flaming torches above the head. Then, to keep the hands busy, they have the person run two power drills that spins balls above the drills. Finally, they juggle 6 machete knives around the person. "We hardly ever hurt anyone." says Green (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!
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The Zucchini Brothers have T-shirts and juggling balls available to purchase as souvenirs.
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