What is a Plushie?

A plushie is simply what most people call a stuffed animal or a plush animal. Plushies can be almost any size from a few inches to six feet tall, or larger. Plushies are usually made in the form of some type of animal, with bears and bunnies probably being the most common. Plushies are usually covered in soft plush material, however this is not always the case. Some plushies are made out of smooth nylon, felt or some other fabric. They are generally stuffed with soft polyester fiber. Beanie babies are also considered to be plushies, as are many handpuppets. Sometimes the word plushie is used as a short term to refer to a person who is a plushophile.

What is a Plushophile?

A plushophile is someone who loves plushies. This can be for any reason and ranges anywhere from those who love to collect them to those who like to cuddle, sleep with or who become sexually involved with their plushies. Many, probably most, plushophiles are also furries. It is never safe to assume that particular plushophiles are sexually active with plushies, nor that they are inactive with people because of their plushophilia. Each individual is different.

What is a furry?

A furry is any real or fictional character who has both animal and human attributes. This can range from ordinary animals that have attained sentience, to humans with some animal-like characteristic. They are most commonly, but not always, represented as anthropomorphic characters. A furry can also refer to someone who is spiritually, emotionally or otherwise interested in animals, furry characters, fursuits, plushies, etc. A person who simply collects things such as figures, comic books, art or stories of furry characters might also be called a furry, though 'furry fan' would probably be a more accurate term. Many cartoon characters, such as the Animaniacs, Disney's Robin hood and Mickey Mouse, are furries. Many consider turtles, and other furless creatures, to be furries even though they have no fur. As long as they exhibit some human attribute, even if it is only sentience, they can be considered furries. Many plushophiles claim to be furries, though a much smaller number claim to be a furry fans. One can be a furry without being a 'furry fan'.

What is a furry fan?

A furry fan is someone who collects furry things or participates furry events. Many furry fans do not consider 'themselves' to be furries and might even be hostile toward those that do. Others don't make a distinction between the two. Some furry fans claim that furry can only include the collecting of anthropomorphic art, comics and stories, and refuse to accept that anyone can be furry if they try to include more. Some have even gone as far as claiming to have invented furry, long after many furry art forms appeared in our various cultures. A few have even been rather hostile towards plushophiles, fursuiters, zoophiles, those who have a spiritual or emotional attribute to their furriness and those who participate in other lifestyles. Most furries and furry fans, however, are quite friendly and accepting of others.

What is a Fursuit or Zoot?

A fursuit is a full-body costume that makes the wearer look like a furry character or a favorite animal. Costumes like this are often seen at sporting events in the form of team mascots. They are often worn at amusement parks by people who dress up as popular cartoon characters. Since a person wearing a fursuit can look and feel a lot like a large living plushie, these costumes are usually quite popular among plushophiles. Several plushophiles make their own fursuits, or they buy store-bought or custom-made versions of what they like. Other names for a fursuit can include; animal costume, animal mascot, zoot and zoot-suit. One who wears a fursuit might be called a zootaphile, costumer, mascot or fursuitophile.

What is a Zootaphile / Fursuitophile?

A Zootaphile is someone who loves fursuits. Many plushophiles are also zootaphiles. Other names for a zootaphile can include fursuitophile, costumer or mascot. Not everyone in a fursuit is a zootaphile. Some may be wearing a fursuit as a job and have no special liking for it. Some people choose to express their love for fursuits sexually in private, though many would never consider anything in that area. It is never safe to assume anything of anyone. Those that do engage in fursuit sexuality are not likely to admit it to most people, as they often have a public image to uphold.

What is a Toonophile?

A Toonophile is someone who loves cartoons. Many plushophiles are also toonophiles. Cartoons featuring animal characters are especially popular among plushophiles who are also toonophiles. Toonophiles may, or may not, be sexually aroused by cartoon characters. It is never safe to assume anything of any individual.

What is a Texturephile?

A texturephile is someone who loves how various textured materials feel against some part of their body. Popular textures include fur, vinyl, silk, rubber, polar-fleece, denim, etc. It is probably safe to assume that most plushophiles are also texturephiles, when it comes to fur. It is possible to be a plushophile and not care how the fur feels. Some texturephiles make a distinction between real fur and fake fur. Others seem to be happy with either type. Most texturephiles are into a variety of textures, of which fur might be just one.

What is a.s.p. ( is a small, friendly group, were topics dealing with plushies can be discussed. Topics range from what kinds of plushies people have and like to where they can buy them. Many people discuss sexual techniques, and ways to modify plushies for sexual stimulation. Some talk about how to make fursuits or what furry conventions are coming up. If you have any pictures of plushies or fursuits, they can be posted to either the or newsgroup if you would like.

Are Plushophiles into bestiality or zoophilia?

From my experience, I'd say that the vast majority of us are not into bestiality. As with any group of people, there are various interests and activities that might be found. Some people undoubtedly do get into this practice; however, this does not reflect on what the majority of plushophiles are into. Most people's plushophilia has little to do with bestiality, and most bestialists probably would not care to settle for *just* a plushie. We are essentially separate groups of people. Most plushophiles are quite content to stick with their much loved plushies. For those that aren't aware, bestiality means having sex with animals, and zoophilia means having a love for animals. Bestiality does not imply any sort of love; and zoophilia does not imply any sort of sexuality. One can be a zoophile without being into bestiality; and one can be into bestiality without being a zoophile. Never assume that any plushophile is into either.

Are Plushophiles into children?

This is basically the same as the bestiality question. I'd say that the vast majority of us are not into children. As with any group of people, there are various interests and activities that might be found. Some people undoubtedly do get into this practice; however, this does not reflect on what the majority of plushophiles are into. Most people's plushophilia has little to do with children, and most who are into children would probably be bored with a plushie. There just isn't much in common as far as most plushophiles are concerned. Children are yucky, smooth and make noise. Plushies are cute, furry and quiet. Many plushophiles simply prefer the texture of fur over the texture of smooth skin. Plushies are often not designed to be children's toys. Some are made to be collected. Others are just made to look good, or to bring happiness to whoever needs it. Most plushies are bought by adults and for adults. Many plushies are bought by or for adult men.

What about Adult Babies (AB) and Diapered Plushies?

What about them? Though most plushophiles don't seem to be interested in adult babies, diapers or various expressions of infantilism, some certainly are. None of these things has anything to do with sexuality with children. Some plushophiles like how their plushies look in diapers, they like plushies that remind them of infancy or that make their environment more like a nursery or play room. Some have a fondness for plushies that are normally associated with one's childhood, like Pooh characters, Barney and Mickey Mouse. There are many good reasons for this that are best described on a good Adult Baby (AB) page. I personally like to dress some of my larger plushies in various clothes that might be popular among those that are Adult Babies.

I'm seriously interested in this. Where can I find more information?

Resources specifically related to plushies are the (a.s.p), (a.b.p.e.p), (a.b.p.p) and (a.f.p) newsgroups.

There is an FTP site at in pub/plushies.

Related areas include the, and newsgroups.

For those who are serious about their plushophilia, a mailing list has been set up for discussion of plushophilia and other related topics. More information on this is available in the a.s.p. FAQ.

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