Concepts Underlying The New Age Culture Shift
From A Christian Perspective
By Willy Peterson

A very informative article for gaining a basic understanding of the Culture Shift that is occurring on a global basis. Willy Peter discusses 18 of these New Age concepts and other foundation stones of the New Age and its rise in today's world.
CHAKRAS - An Introduction
by White Dove

[New Age Source:] Courtesy of Inner Star Magazine

"Asian cultures have used these teachings [of the Chakra System] for about 4,000 years and it's only the last approx. 10 years that this information has filtered into the west. Chakra literally translated from the Hindi means 'Wheel of spinning Energy'. Withing our bodies are contained seven major energy centres. They are located within the body in front of the spinal column and are aligned vertically up and down the spine. Each wheel has a colour of the rainbow and vibrates to a musical note. . . ."

A Depiction Of A Chakra From The Indian Web Chakra (Link is no longer active)

A Christian Perspective On Chakras And "The Revival"
by Ed Tarkowski

Though many tie the current revival to the Laughing Phenomenon of Rodney Howard Browne and The Toronto Experience, there are many other manifestations besides the laughing phenomena. But more important than what we call these phenomena is that we know the source of these manifestations. Call it what you will, the power that has gained a foothold on the Church through Browne and Toronto is the foundation of the entire global revival. I can personally testify to the fact that it is kundalini power. I can testify that it is real power. I can tell you it is power straight out of the practices of the New Age and the Manifest Sons of God doctrines that have penetrated Christianity. I can tell you it is not power coming from the Lord Jesus Christ.

The laughing phenomena itself has been associated with the 5th chakra (the Throat Chakra) of the New Age, but one of the major manifestations during the past two years has been the manifestation of spiritual fire. The shaking of the "Hot Hand" manifesting "the anointing" is now a common thing among those distributing it, such Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley and Mike Perky, all seen on Paul Crouch's Trinity Broadcasting Network. It is apparent the so-called "fire of the Holy Spirit" introduced by Browne and Toronto only three short years ago has indeed spread among "the anointed ones." But this type of spiritual fire, with its physical sensations and intense burning in the body, is not scriptural. Jeremiah did not have literal fire burning in his bones, but the modern "prophets" do. It is not Holy Ghost fire we are seeing today, but the kundalini experience of the New Age burning its way through the Church. That should become more evident when I post a section on occult terms associated with such phenomena, For now, I submit this material so you can do your own comparison.

KUNDALINI: Connections And Comparisons

Occult Definitions Relating To The "Revival"

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