INDEPTH Comparison:
The Word Of God Vs. The Lady Of Fatima's Words

October 13, 1930
The Approval Of Fatima: A Pastoral Letter

Table Of Contents


Section 1: Christ, The Center Of God's Word

Section 2: Giving Rise To A Need For Discernment
  • Confusion Over Jesus And Mary
  • Mary's Part In God's Plan

Section 3: The People's Discernment Of Fatima
  • The People's Inability To Discern
  • The Pastor's Discernment
  • The Discernment Of The Children's Mothers
  • A Lack Of Discernment Brings Confusion And Torment

Section 4: The Church's Discernment Of Fatima
  • The Credibility Of The Children And The Effects Of The Apparitions
  • Tradition Argues Against Itself As A Reliable Tool For Discernment
  • The Supernatural Aspect Of Fatima
  • The Children's Testimony Vs. Faith And Morals

Section 5: Scripturally Discerning The Devil
  • Tradition Can Hinder Discernment

Section 6: Was Fatima Prophesied In Scripture?
  • Fatima And God's Prophetic Word

Section 7: "I Come From Heaven"
  • Scriptural Visitations From Heaven
  • Christ's Promised Return From Heaven
  • Mary's Visit From Heaven Is Not Mentioned In Prophecy

Section 8: The Immaculate Heart Of The Lady Of Fatima
  • Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel

Section 9: "I Will Never Leave You"
  • "My Immaculate Heart Will Be Your Refuge"
  • "I Will Be With You Always And My Immaculate Heart Will Be Your Comfort"
  • "My Immaculate Heart Will Be . . . The Way That Will Lead You To God"

Section 10: "I Promise Salvation"
  • The Christian's Responsibility
  • God's Simple Plan
  • "Jesus Wishes To Make Me Known"

Section 11: "Those Who Embrace [Devotion To Me] Will Be Loved By God"

Section 12: "Offer Yourselves To God In Atonement For Sins That Offend Him"

  • The "Atonement Practices" Of The Angel Of Fatima

Section 13: The Lady's "Weapons Of Atonement"
  • The "Christ" Child Offers Another Atonement
  • Christ Jesus Offered Himself As Our Atonement "Once For All"

Section 14: "At The Hour Of Death"
  • Freedom From The Fear Of Death In Christ
  • "Mary's" Grace For Salvation Is Not A Free Gift

Section 15: "Blasphemies" Against The Lady's Immaculate Heart

Section 16: "Many Souls Go To Hell"

  • "You Have Seen Hell"
  • Does God Condemn Those Sinning Against "Mary"?

Section 17: "Only She Can Help You Bring Peace"
  • The True Path To Peace

Section 18: "Peace For The World"
  • The Lady's Promise Of World Peace
  • No World Peace Under The God Of This World
  • "My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph"

Section 19: "The Miracle Of The Sun"

Section 20: "The Great Sign In The Heavens"

  • No Sign Will Be Given In This Age
  • "Fatima: Hope Of The World"

Section 21: "The Great Sign In The Heavens (contined)
  • "What Will Be The Sign Of Your Coming?"
  • The Woman Of The Apocalypse

Section 22: The Changing Of The Word
  • Deserting Christ Breeds Confusion
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Adding To Or Taking Away From God's Word
  • Have We Hurt Ourselves To Our Own Confusion?
Section 23: Making A Decision