Section 1: Christ, The Center Of God's Word
The Word Of God Vs. The Lady Of Fatima's Words

Because the center of the Bible is Jesus Christ, Christians relate to the Bible in a Christ-centered way. We see that each of the events recorded in Scripture point to Jesus as God's answer to man's sin problem in every age. The people of the Bible can be seen in the same way; Old Testament Abraham and New Testament Peter both point to Jesus. When we see them in this role, we retain their proper place in the purpose of the Bible. This same perspective applies to Mary, Jesus' mother.

Mary: The Mother Of Jesus

God knew Mary's heart when He called her to bring His Son into the world. In a study of the Mary of the Bible, we see that she remained in line with the word of God. She knew the Old Testament Scriptures and their promises of a Messiah. Even at the Annunciation, Mary's initial encounter with God, she was able to respond, "Let it done to me according to your word" (Luke 1:38, RSV). Later, when she was greeted by Elizabeth, her response was again in accord with Scripture: her Magnificat consists largely of Old Testament verses.

Mary's responses and actions were consistent with the word of God. She knew who she was in relation to God, and it was her trust in His word, and her sure foundation of faith, which brought her such blessings.

The Lady Of Fatima: 1917

But there are some who have given Mary that which is God's. They've built up through the centuries "another Mary," a Mary not found in Scripture. Today, many are drawn to this "Mary" through the Lady of Fatima, whose publicity has spilled over from the Catholic Church into secular, New Age, and even evangelical circles. As a result, the character of the true Mary has been buried in the millions of words which proclaim this "other Mary."

Who is this Lady of Fatima? For the sake of many who may not be familiar with the facts, a brief synopsis: in May of 1917 a beautiful lady claiming to have come from heaven appeared in Fatima, Portugal to three young children: Jacinta and Francisco Marto (7 and 8 years old) and their cousin, Lucia dos Santos (age 10). She spoke to them about her "Peace Plan from Heaven," and instructed them to tell others what they had seen and heard. She appeared six times, once a month, and her last appearance in October 1917 was accompanied by a spectacular occurrence - the "Miracle of the Sun."

Millions follow the Lady of Fatima. The Pope says he owes his life to her, and Catholic cable television extols her. Today, many expect her to perform another miracle such as the "miracle of the sun" of eighty years ago.

The Mary of Scripture cherished the word of God in her heart, but you will see that the Lady of Fatima treats God's word quite differently. She uses Scriptures referring to each of the three Persons of the Godhead and attributes them to herself. The comparisons in this series clearly lines up the Lady's words with those of Scripture, and clearly point out that both cannot be true.