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On The "Early" Moves In The Current "Revival" (Before 1996)

The only hope of the Christian is the visible, bodily return of Jesus in the sky, but there is a false hope that is prevelent today that proports that the Church can establish the Kingdom FOR Jesus to return. The establishment of the Kingdom before Jesus returns is anitbiblical. The files on these page are some of those I used in my research in documenting the apostasy in the Church. Ed.

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Section One: AD2000 Global Evangelization (adall: 38K)

700 Club feature, Global Intercessaion For The 10/40 Window (ad1: 15K). Various comments on the "Global Prayer Through The 10/40 Window (Middle East)."

Christianity Today Advertises "The Star Of 2000" (ad2: 3K). "2000 Candles: The Star Of 2000" by Jay Gary, which is paving the way for the global celebrations in the year 2000. Christianity Today, book review. Reviewed by Rusty Wright, International lecturer with Campus Crusade for Christ, Christianity Today: March 6, 1995.

Excerpts: Global Evangelization (GCOWE) (ad3: 4K). "Reconciliation": A few short excerpts from Praying Through The Window II: The 100 Gateway Cities; Global Consultation On World Evangelization (excerpt from page 3) By the Year 2000 and Beyond, in Seoul Korea by Luis Bush (International Director of GCOWE '95).

A Walk Of Reconciliation (ad4: 7K). "Reconciliation" - A Walk Of Reconciliation: A Project to promote better understanding among Christians, Muslims and Jews by C. Lynn Green - Youth With A Mission, Introduction by C. Peter Wagner, A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track. Identificational Repentance. (Reconciliation within the walls of Jerusalem between Catholics, Muslims and Jews in 1999).

"THE POWER OF AD 2000" by Jay Gary (ad5: 14K). Audience: Adopt-A-People Consultation II - Tape 10 transcript (1993) - Five mega-images heading for the year 2000: MEGA IMAGE ONE: Threshold 2000; MEGA IMAGE TWO: Trends 2000; MEGA IMAGE THREE: Agenda 2000; MEGA IMAGE FOUR: Renewal 2000; MEGA IMAGE FIVE: Meal 2000.

"Get Ready To Celebrate The Year 2000" By Jay Gary (ad6: 6K).This 1993 document lists 6 steps the Global Church can take to prepare for the year 2000 celebrations.

Section Two: Catholic Ecumenicity (ceall: 10K)

Catholics And The Latter Doctrine(ce2: 5K Evidence of the teaching of the Latter Rain in Catholic/charismatic circles.

Pope Offered Jerusalem?(ce3: 4K) The Friends of Israel reported the following: "A close friend of Peres, the French intellectual Mark Halter, told the weekly Shishi that in May he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope in which, according to Halter, 'Peres offered to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem's Old City to the Pope.' In this plan, Jerusalem would be administered by the Vatican." Tricia Tillin reports on this and on the building of the temple.

(The Commonality of) JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM (ce4: 3K) Taken from an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet that emphasizes the "unity" in the beliefs of these three religions. Notice the perversion of Scripture in the Christianity section.)

Section Three: Toronto Laughing Phenomena (Lall: 70K)

"Civil War In The Church" (L1: 28K) "Civil War In The Church" by Debra Bouey. A look at the 1994 prophesy that predicts a bloody Civil War in the Church. Does cause divide His own body, the Church?

James Ryle Statement(L2: 11K) "James Ryle's statement in which he called those standing on God's word against the "move of God" Christ-killers. This statement was issued immediately after his appearance on the John Loeffler radio talk show in Denver, Colorado. I was able to get on this show to ask some questions, and this file includes those comments as well.

"Isaac" And The "New Wine"(L3: 11K) "Master Potter Ministries." The brochure that announced that "Prophetically, the child Isaac, which means 'Laughter,' is being released in nation after nation as the new wine is being passed."

"Holy Laughter In Other Religions" by Ed Tarkowski(L4: 8K) A look at the current laughing phenomena in: Qiqong, Kundalini Energy, Bwagwham Shreee Rajneesh, Ramakrishna, Swami Baba Muktananda, Subud (Latihan).

"Rodney Howard-Browne - The Laughing Evangelist" by Ed Tarkowski (L5: 7K) An investigative look at the use of New Age Mantra as opposed to speaking in tongues in the Browne ministry.

NEW AGE/CHRISTIAN COMPARISONS: A Discernment Aid To The "Laughing Refreshing" (L6: 4K) Animal sounds in the New Age compared with Toronto. Ten guidelines for reading scripture. By Ed Tarkowski

Can The Church Lose Its Joy? by Ed Tarkowski (L7: 4K) A list of all the Scriptures using the word "laugh," "laughed," "laughing," etc. Laughing in Scripture is usually done in derision.

Section Four: March For Jesus (mfjall: 17K)

MARCH FOR JESUS: Commitment or Compromise? By Rhea Fulmer, Teri Jeter and Wanda Riner (mfj1: 11K) Appearing in "The Emperor's Closet" sectrion of "The Christian Conscience" (May 1995), three former leaders of the March For Jesus streategy realized they were part of the apostasy.

Robert Muller's Vision for 2000 A.D. By Rhea Fulmer, Teri Jeter and Wanda Riner (mfj2: 6K) This followup to the first article (mfj1) gives more details on the New Age influneces concerning March For Jesus.

Section Five: Restorationism, Reconstructionism, Etc. (rrall: 6K)

"COR" (Coalition On Revival) (rr1: 6K) On July 4, 1986, during a three-day Coalition on Revival Congress on the Christian Worldview, 60 of COR's National Steering Committee and 400 Christian leaders from a wide variety of denominations and groups signed The Manifesto for the Christian Church.

Section Six: Promise Keepers (pkall: 67K)

"An Open Letter To Bill MacCartney," written by Pastor Bill Randles of Cedar Rapids, IA (pk1: 9K) Pastor Randles questions Mr. MacCartney about ecumenism, Joel's Army as it relates to Promise Keepers, Pastor James Ryle and the Vineyard, Robert Hicks and The Masculine Journey, and Jay Gary and the Star of 2000.

"Promise Keepers, Mormons, and Catholics Together" (pk2: 4K) An article adapted from PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter, Vol. 3, May-June 1995. Is Promise Keepers breaking down denominational walls leading towards a one world religion?

"The Promise Keepers Movement is Dangerous - Watch Out For It!" by M.H. Reynolds (pk3: 14K) Pastor Reynolds is the Editor of Foundation magazine. Reprint from Vol. XVI, Issue 1. "This report is based upon the actual words of its leaders made in public meetings, contained in press releases, or printed in books, magazines and articles which have either been published or endorsed by leaders of the Promise Keepers movement."

Is PROMISE KEEPERS Fulfilling Paul Cain's Vision? By Ed Tarkowski (pk5: 10K)Report on a conference in Florence, AL where Paul put forth the idea that PK is the fulfillment of Joel's Army.

PROMISE KEEPERS: Ecumenical "Macho-Men" for Christ? (pk7: 22K) This article by Discernment Ministries was one of the first that came out when the movement started, giving the basics of their structure.

PROMISE KEEPERS - "Encountering" Men At Risk" By Sarah Leslie (pk8: 10K)The editor of the Christian Conscience looks at PK from the angle of small group encounters.

Section Seven: Latter Rain (ylrall: 54K)

"Latter Rain Scripture" By Mary Tarkowski. (ylr1: 3K) Scriptures on which the Latter Rain movement is based.

"Latter Rain Doctrine." (ylr2: 3K) A summary of the distinctive teachings of the Latter Rain that have so penetrated the Charismatic Renewal, Pentecostalism, and the Restoration Movement. Supposed Scriptural basis: Joel 2:23; Hosea 6:3; James 5:7. Synopsis by Ed Tarkowski. In his latest book, "Weighed and Found Wanting . . . Putting the Toronto Blessing in Context," Bill Randles writes on pages 58-59: "An interesting example of the evolutionary model of the church is a little book written in 1951 by George Warnock called 'The Feast of Tabernacles.' This book is a virtual primer of Latter Rain, Manifested Sons of God teaching, . . . a pattern for the progress of the church through time. Starting at Passover, which is Calvary, the church has been passing through the different feasts, over the years, to Pentecost. Warnock writes that we, the church, still have got to go through the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Trumpets, and come into the Feast of Tabernacles, which to him represents God's consummate purposes for us, the Last Days Church. When we come into Tabernacles, which was a tremendous time of celebration for Israel, God will finally dwell within His people." Knowledge of and understanding the Latter Rain doctrine is crucial to discerning the current "move of God" that is occuring in our midst.

Paul Crouch And The Latter Rain (ylr3: 2K)Paul Crouch's Supporting Statement of the Latter Rain.

"Pat Robertson's Endtime Biblical Model." (ylr4: 3K) Family Channel, 700 Club, 1995-2000 A.D. predictions by Pat Robertson for the next five years and his biblical model for the end times.

"Looking Beyond Toronto The Source And Goal Of The Second Pentecost." (ylr5: 10K) Produced and distributed by Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries. (A Hidden Agenda of the current manifestations: Latter Rain Movement.)

"Joel's Army" By Jewel van der Merwe (ylr6: 35K) An excellent critique of the modern prophets (Wimber, Cain, Deere, Jones, etc.) and the Latter Rain doctrine by Jewel van der Merwe of Discernment Ministries.

Section Eight: New Age Global Spirituality (ynaall: 37K)

A Global Civilization (yna1: 5K) A letter by Ed Tarkowski for the 6-tapes on the laughing phenomena showing the rise of a global civilization and how the laughing phenomena relates to that effort.

"All Together Toward Planetary Pentecost" by Barbara Marx Hubbard (yna2: 4K) An article appearing in the National Catholic Reporter, STARTING POINT, October 19, 1990. Hubbard's doctrine is New Age but complimentary to the Latter Rain doctrine of Christianity.

"The Revelation: Our Crisis Is A Birth" by Barbara Marx Hubbard (yna3: 20K) Quotes from Hubbard's book showing the likeness to Manifest Sons of God doctrine.

"The State Of The World Forum: Gorbachev To Convene Meeting In S.F. In Fall" (1995) (yna4: 6K) Invitees Included Bush, Thatcher, Tutu By Edward Epstein, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer, February, 3 1995 - Overview, Executive Summary, Confirmed Participants, February 15, 1995. Announced the birth of the first Global Civilization.

"The New Cross" By Ed Tarkowski (yna5: 5K) Is the Church sometimes preaching a cross that is compatible with the cross of Creation Spirituality?

Section Nine: Jubilee 2000 (ytjall: 21K)

"Feast To Attract Pilgrims" (ytj6: 2K) An article from Charisma Magazine - April 1995 on celebrating of Tabernacles as sponsored by International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).

"Celebration Of Tabernacles" (ytj7: 3K) Scheduled events for this celebration from International Christian Emabassy. Is this part of the global "move of God"?

"Celebrate Or Mourn and Weep" (ytj8: 2K) A four page flyer on Tabernacles celebration.

Pope's World Peace Effort Involves Maida: Interfaith Meetings Eyed in 1999 By David Crumm (ytj9: 3K) Crumm is a Free Press Religion Writer and this article appeared in tbe Detroit Free Press, November 28, 1994. He describes the Pope's call to the denominations to unite and to celebrate a Great Jubilee in the year 2000.

"Tabernacles In Jerusalem (ytj10: 4K) A Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, was held Oct. 8-16, 1995. More than 4,000 Christians from nearly 100 countries are expected to join in the weeklong biblical feast. This was an important event in light of the Latter Rain teaching saying the Church must celebrate the Feast to bring about unity, revival, a manifestation of the Sons of God, and world conquest.

"Jerusalem Celebration 2000" (ytj11: 4K) Church Growth International sponsors the celebration of Jesus' birth in Jerusalem. Speakers include David Yonggi Cho, Jack Hayford, Robert Schuller, C. Peter Wagner, Tom Pelton and many others.

"Special Report On Pat Robertson" (ytj12: 5K) "Year Of Jubilee? Or Age Of Aquarius Disguised?" Constance Cumbey's New Age Monitor (August-December 1987). The current call for a Year of Jubilee is no new idea, as this report shows.

"Jubilee" (ytj13: 1K) A quote by Jay Gary saying that Atonement, Pentecost and Tabernacles are encompassed by the Feast of Jubilee. A quote from Gary's book about Manifest Sons/Tabernacles doctrine.