By Ed Tarkowski

The following excerpts shows again the increasing reliance on the prayer circle to bring power, healing and unity to this world and the universe in 2000 as it is hoped that 1,000,000 people will meet to join the world's largest prayer circle on New year's Eve 2000.
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As the turn of the century nears, we ask that all Earth Spiritualists and free-thinking individuals join us in an event so large that mere words fail to describe its importance.

On Dec. 30th, 1999 we will all gather and enjoy multiple free concerts, free workshops, rituals, and more. The gathering will climax at the turn of the century with the joining of all present in a circle on sacred ground blessed by Tibetan Monks. From this circle we will heal the Earth, project a positive future of caring between all of the Earth's inhibitants, connect with nature, heal ourselves, and ask for reversal of past wrongs. (plus your personal wishes)

This event has been created by and caters to Earth Spiritualists (Pagan, Wiccan, Shaman, Celtic, tibetian ... ) and Free - Thinkers. We ask EVERYONE who has an interest in creating a possitive future to please attend.

Our goal ? One million voices chanting in the night !!!! Help spread the word !!

This is one of the most important Pagan events in the history of humankind.


[In an update on February 10, 1998, we read the following:]


Updated: 2/10/98

This is going to be one INCREDIBLE event !!!

The details for the event are just starting to work themselves out, but we have some real great information to pass along as of this time.

At the turn of the century, attendees will gather to form the largest human circle in history. While in this circle we shall chant and make vocal our own personal desires for the future. The gathering will climax with the blessing and healing of the Earth and the attendees will then empty their "Prelude to the Milleninium" pouches onto the ground. This will help to heal the Earth, and will also release the owners "desires" and "wishes" into the greater consciousness in order for them to be granted. Attendees will then take a pinch of the now sacred Earth and place it within their pouches in remeberance of the occasion. (It is highly suggested that attendees purchase the "Prelude to the Millennium" pouches, located in the "products" section.)

Please Note: People who cannot physically attend the event can still take part at home through use of the Millennium pouches .... instructions for this will be added soon.

Panel of Directors:

Click HERE. Why: To usher in a new era of planetary "caring", freedom, and Spirituality. (We also intend on having a lot of fun and making many new friends.) Among other things we hope to facilitate subtle unity among Earth Spiritualists, acceptance among and between all religions, Earth Healing, networking opportunities, and education of the general public toward the positive belief structure of modern Paganism, Wicca, and Earth Spirituality. . . .

Who: 1,000,000 + people are asked to attend. The event will cater to Earth Spirituality Practitioners (Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, Native Americans, and the like), but people of any religious affiliation are encouraged to attend. This is for unity within religions and between religions, the healing of Mother Earth, and the movement toward a positive future.

When: The Prelude to the Millenium event will take place over three spiritual, fun filled days. December 30, 31 1999 and January 1, 2000

Where: At the current time we are attempting to make the choice between two different locations. One is in California and the other is in Arizona. By about the second week in February we should have the paperwork filled out for the location, and should be able to make the official announcement at that time.

Cost: Undetermined. We are attempting to bring this event to you FREE of charge, as this event is in sponsorship of charities.

Events: For a listing of scheduled events at the gathering, please click on the desired hyperlink:

Musical Performers Spiritual Leaders Dance Troops Authors Actors

For a listing of covens/churches/organizations that are planning to attend, please click HERE.

The "Prelude to Millenium" event was created and is managed by Thor Francis.

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