Part One: The Extent of Prayer Circles In Today's World
By Ed Tarkowski

[All footnotes listing a URL in this series are listed as of 7-31-98 and may have changed since then.]

PRAYER CIRCLES: Tools of Empowering Intimacy/Accountability Groups

Have you ever been in a circle of prayer in a Christian meeting and something bothered you about it? Your agitation in spirit is well-justified, and you should have felt bothered. A while ago, I started digging into what it is that energizes these prayer circles, and what it is about them that leads people into the bondage of Shepherding/Intimacy/Accountability/Community situations. As I dug, I asked myself, "Where did prayer circles start? Who uses them? What do they all have in common?" What I came to see shocked me, and it will shock you, because what I realized is that prayer circles are related to witches' circles.

I have real experience with prayer circles. We used them as a Christian practice in the old days of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, when we, and most other Charismatic groups, were gathered into communities. In our community, we had it all - prayer circles, intimacy, accountability, the unity of the parts of the body based on 1 Corinthians 12 - all of it, and we believed that these things were of God. We were even called the Light of the World Community. Eventually, we were "led" into buying land for ministry buildings and group housing, but before they could be built, the community fell.

What was the source of the power that led our whole community off in the wrong direction? It wasn't until long after that I realized it was the prayer circles. Prayer circles look spiritual, they sound spiritual, and they feel good, but their use is an inspiration of spirits not of God. I am not saying this through discernment alone. Like I said, I've been through it, and in fact, helped people get out of our community when God finally judged it. It was sort of like the angels leading Lot out before God's judgement fell on Sodom. In this case, there wasn't any visible fire and brimstone, but in the end, hundreds of people's spiritual lives were greatly harmed.

The prayer circle, and what it leads to, has spread like wild fire since the early "outpouring of the Spirit" in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It's become very popular in most denominations and groups, but it's also the one common ritual used by spirits to initiate and nurture the apostacy in today's church, through a sense of love, joy, peace, intimacy, compassion and the need for accountability.

Prayer circles are everywhere, but we need to take a serious look at exactly where and how they are being used. For instance, in the manipulative Promise Keepers Washington gathering, which had a strong flavor of unity and accountability, prayer circles were center-circle (no pun intended), and I believe they were used to energize the unity- consciousness of all present. Look at the following quote:

"'Stand in the Gap: A Sacred Assembly of Men' wasn't scheduled to start until noon. But when I arrived on the Washington Mall a little after midnight on the morning of October 4th, the first prayer circles had already started. Early arrivers were camped by the center stage that had been erected in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. The participants huddled close together, bowing their heads forward and raising their palms in the air. As with everything else in Promise Keepers, this circle was composed entirely of men. 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,' they sang in unison over and over again. 'I've decided to give my life to Jesus.'"(1)

Sound Christian? Look Christian? Absolutely, but really following the same Catholic pattern from the 1960's and 70's Catholic/Protestant ecumenical prayer meetings held in the early days of "God's" outpouring of love "for the sake of a manifested unity." Here is another innocent-sounding quote from a promise-keeping group:

"Another thing we have done every week is to pray for one another; for our families; for specific needs of the men, especially in areas of personal integrity; for the church and its leaders; and for the leaders of our country. Our prayer time has been powerful. We have stood holding hands in a circle on the front porch of the host's home, praying together boldly and unashamedly."(2)

Sound good? Absolutely. Accountability - Intimacy - Between men, families, and denominations - Based on Jesus! Well, wait a minute on that last one. As it was back in the old Charismatic, ecumenical prayer meeting days, so it is now: spirits not of God are energizing these prayer circles to bring people into a Shepherding/Intimacy/Accountability/Community situation. What will this eventually lead to in the end? I believe it will be a fallen church ripe for control by the world system.

I say this because prayer circles are not relegated to small accountability groups. There is a current move to link all of these small groups into a Global Prayer Circle for the sake of demonstrating unity in "Jesus" throughout the world. Christians may think that this unity would concern Christianity alone, but it does not. What is in view is all the religions of the world participating in a unified prayer circle formed around the globe. Because prayer circles are where the demon of power is based, they will be one of the energizing tools used to maintain control and bring in the final evolution of this beast, a world church. The intimate sharing of small prayer groups will turn into Big Brother knowing all about each member. Groups will be shepherded into a global community living under a system of controlled accountability to man. The New Age consciousness of unity in diversity, as well as peace based not on God's word, but on a universal set of values, will finally be realized by this global entity.

If you doubt that prayer circles are so widespread, or such a powerful tool, read the list below of just a few of the examples of prayer circles that I found on the World Wide Web. Besides these sites, there are numerous New Age and Christian Chat Sessions (used by Internet users to discuss various topics) that include prayer circles or discussions sbout them. As you will see, the circles are prevalent in the apostate church, the New Age, and even in the secular world. The whole world is being prepared to welcome the arrival of the Beast of Revelation 13, and to follow after him.

Prayer Circles Abound In All Areas Of Life

You'll notice the first examples are of prayer circles being used for whole communities, where illumination is brought to participating individuals in order to release healing power TAPPED from the supernatural realm. Also, notice these other points: (1) many of those involved in these circles of prayer go on to spread them from a local level to the global. (2) many of the quotes refer to the desirability of Shepherding, Intimacy, Accountability, and Community. The evident fact: prayer cirles are escalating in today's world.

Some Examples Of Prayer Circles In Today's World

#1 PRAYER CIRCLE: New Age/Christian mix(3)
[Linking PRAYER CIRCLES worldwide]

"Share the Power of Prayer. . . Everywhere. "The Prayer Ministry

"Welcome to our [Web]site of love, vision, healing, wholeness, peace and compassion. We are a virtual spiritual community of people who intend to "make prayer the first resort . . . not the last". "We intend to take prayer practice through and beyond church walls into all aspects of community life. "We create worldwide awareness that the practice of prayer in all its sacred expressions is the very fabric of our everyday lives. "We are a wholly inclusive organization; Interfaith, no faith, scientific, philosophical, and beyond denominational. We simply 'Share the Power of Prayer. . . Everywhere' . . . ."

[On this ministry's PRAYER CIRCLE Page is the following invitation:]

"Community PRAYER And Illumination CIRCLES . . .

"Join an amazing circle of people who LOVE to pray for ourselves, our families, our world. Pray your own way--word, song, movement, silence. Tap the healing power of prayer: the peace that passes understanding. . . .

"PRAYER CIRCLE Schedule. . . .

#2 PRAYER CIRCLE: Christian(4)
Heaven Wonders Prayer Warrior Network [Linking Prayer Circles worldwide]

"Be A Prayer Warrior!

"Here at Heavenly Wonders, we know that just living day to day is difficult. . . Many people are lonely, filled with despair, and don't know which way to turn or who to turn to. . . Well... WE CARE ! We have faith in God and trust in His WORD. Most importantly,...

"We believe in the power of Prayer!

"That is why we have banded together and formed the 'Prayer Warriors Network .' God has said,'there is strength in numbers' and 'to pray one for another.' We want you to know the [sic] we care about you and we will pray for you. If you have a need, share it with us. . . . These requests will be gathered together and passed on to others in the LINKING CIRCLE of the Prayer Warriors network. . . As we update this page, we want to encourage you to pass these needs along, combine them in your own PRAYER CIRCLES, to form a world wide network of Prayer Warriors! . . . "

#3 PRAYER CIRCLE: Marian(5)
Mary information diverse, widespread
By Michelle Bearden of The Tampa Tribune 5/12/97 -- 9:18 PM

". . . . [Rev. Tom Thompson, Univ. of Dayton Marian Library] has another theory that could explain why Mary is taking center stage: "'She is a person who is related to all members of the church,' Thompson says. 'She never stands in isolation; she never stands alone. In this fragmented decade of the '90s, we're looking to form communities again.' "Amen, says Carol Marquardt of Bellair. She's the founder of Mantle of Mary, a Tampa Bay area association that encourages a strong prayer life in small-group settings. "The association's philosophy is shared around the world by similar organizations, commonly known as MARIAN PRAYER CIRCLES. . . . "'Because we pray to Mary, people think we're worshiping her,' Marquardt says. 'That's not true. We admire her in the most holy and high way. She's the one who is leading us to Christ.' . ."

#4 PRAYER CIRCLE: New Age(6)
Guest Channeler: Rev. Mary's Channeled Earth Changes Report

"Preparing, Surviving and Sustaining The Coming Earth Changes:

"The earth changes that are coming to this world also have a corresponding link with internal changes that will be taking place in each and every person. . . . "We are going to address how to prepare, sustain, and survive these internal changes that are and will be going on simultaneously with the external changes.

"Preparation: . . . .

"There will be times when people will just have to stay inside in the shelter of their homes. Then, they can help each other and their families and their neighbors, plus the people walking through the hard times, through the disaster times, by forming PRAYER CIRCLES OF LIGHT AND LOVE, sending energies, and prayers and Light and Love out of the group to the affected areas. "People can begin to organize now; this is part of the survival. They can begin to organize these groups and if they live in a close proximity to each other, that is good. They can do it that way, or they can have a telephone prayer line, but groups in person are the best. They can begin discussions on how to set up THESE PRAYER GROUPS now. These Light Workers, these prayer and meditation workers can send out the Light and the Love to the troubled areas. This is how they can organize. Then, when a disaster strikes, the people can come together and pray and send Light and Love as a group, to pray from the heart, to pray with High and Holy Intentions to help."

#5 PRAYER CIRCLE: Methodist(7)
Thursday, August 7, 1997
Saved: Heart stops, but not the prayers
By Tim Bonfield The Cincinnati Enquirer (AP)

"Richard Thomas, pastor of the Milford First United Methodist Church, where Mr. and Mrs. Downs have been members for years, recently told their story as part of a sermon about the mysteries of faith and the power of prayer. "'We believe that God works through doctors and nurses. We also believe that the power of prayer and faith is a real tool in healing,' the Rev. Mr. Thomas said. "The PRAYER CIRCLES working for Mrs. Downs were extensive. . . . "Away from the hospital, other church members prayed for Mrs. Downs. In Northside, five neighbors joined Mr. Downs' brother-in-law in a PRAYER CIRCLE. . . ."

#6 PRAYER CIRCLE: University Of Notre Dame(8)
Notre Dame News: Taize Community
University of Notre Dame Public Relations and Information

"The 1996 Notre Dame Award for international humanitarian service will be given to Brother Roger, the founder and prior of the ecumenical Taiz Community in eastern France. . . . "The earliest ministry of the Taizé community was hospitality, . . . Following the war, the growing Taizé community sent several members into Eastern Europe to establish surreptitious PRAYER CIRCLES among young Catholics in Poland and young Protestants in East Germany. In 1949 several of the community's members formally committed themselves to a rigorously monastic life of vowed celibacy and communal stability, and three years later, Brother Roger wrote a rule for the community. "The life of the community centers around prayer work and hospitality. Its white-robed monks never preach to their guests, insisting that their role is to live together as a 'parable of community,' a sign of the Gospel's call to reconciliation at the heart of the world. The liturgies at Taiz combine elements of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions, and the community's distinctive sacred music, mostly meditative chants of scriptural verses, has become popular in Christian churches all over the world. "Since 1978 the Taizé community has annually sponsored large international gatherings of young people for ecumenical discussion and prayer. One such meeting in 1994 attracted more than 100,000 people to Paris, where participants were offered hospitality by churches and families in the city and the surrounding area. Similar Taizé meetings have been held in London, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Munich, Johannesburg, Manila, Madras and Dayton, Ohio. "The numerous church leaders who have come to Taizé include Pope John Paul II, who addressed a 1986 Taizé gathering. 'Like yourselves,' he said to the assembly, 'the Pope is just passing through. But you pass through Taizé as you pass close to a spring of water.' . . ."

[Taize worship is done without leadership, letting the "Spirit" run the meeting.]

#7 PRAYER CIRCLE: Ojibwau Catholic Indian Community(9)
Listen To The Elders - Ojibwau Indians
By Father Larry Kroker, S.J. (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

". . . . The Kateri Centre is home for Native Catholics whose sense of who they are as a First Nation people and whose traditional spirituality have experienced a resurgence both within and beyond Kateri's Catholic community. Sacramental celebrations and preparation programs are the heart of the faith experience the center shares with Native Catholics, whose language, symbols, and HEALING AND PRAYER CIRCLES are incorporated into liturgies and gatherings. "At the center, one room is for Native ceremonies, and another is a Legion of Mary chapel. In the center of the building is a chapel for celebrating the Eucharist, a place where Native and Catholic traditions are mingled, bringing together the best of both. . . ."

Elder Leonard Bananish: HEALING CIRCLE

" . . . [Bananish'] father, Joe, had been the community prayer man for years when the people first came in from the bush, leading the Sunday prayers for the people in the absence of a priest. "Back in the early '70s, Leonard had joined our diaconate training program but left for a period of soul-searching. This changed when he came to grips with spiritual realities that were part of his ancestral past. In his dreams he was given a way to help his people toward healing: THE GATHERING CIRCLE. His idea was to encourage Natives and non-Natives alike to share their life journeys. Participants gather around Leonard's blanket and medicine bundle and begin with a prayer to the creator and smudging ceremony. An eagle feather is then passed around, and whoever is holding it tells his or her story without interruption; it is a way of promoting healing by sharing unresolved grief and abuse issues in a supporting and confidential environment. Often, participants' stories are charged with pain and remorse, but with the trust and respect of the group, many experience journeys toward inner healing. . . ."

The Aetherius Society

"The Society is a metaphysical, channeling organization whose founder/president, Sir George King, is a Western Master of Yoga and who has been in contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences for over 35 years. He acts as a channel for the dissemination of Higher Wisdom from These Sources. "The Society's objective is to explain the presence of UFOs around the Earth and to make known knowledge given to their president by Advanced Beings who reside in this Solar System. This information is disseminated through books, pamphlets, cassettes and albums and two newsletters, "The Aetherius Society Journal" and "Cosmic Voice". "Also, study courses in: "Metaphysical and Occult Sciences" and "Cosmic Revelations" to further spread the word and to explain the cosmic significance of messages received from the Advanced Beings. Regular meetings at the U.S. and England headquarters as well as by associated branches throughout the world. "PRAYER CIRCLES are organized during a Spiritual Push (or Magnetization Period) at different holy mountain sites, when the giant Interplanetary Spacecraft is brought into Earth's orbit by a Cosmic Master. Helpers who attend these POWER CIRCLES send out the Spiritual energies from this Cosmic Master to help mankind. . . ."

[One of King's contacts is supposedly Jesus Christ, who now, King says, resides on Venus].

#9 PRAYER CIRCLE: Sports(11)
SPORTS: "Friends -- but not on the field"
Faith unites the Cards' Aeneas Williams and the Birds' Irving Fryar By Bob Cohn for the Philadelphia Inquirer

"[Aeneas] Williams, the Arizona Cardinals' all-pro cornerback, and [Irving] Fryar, the Eagles' most productive wide receiver, are adversaries on the field. . . . "But that was before Fryar's religious conversion, before he became a minister. Suddenly, his common ground with Williams extended beyond the turf they fight to control. Williams . . . organizes the Cardinals' Tuesday night prayer sessions and PRAYER CIRCLES after practices. He seems, by all accounts, to be one of the good guys in sports. 'We've gotten to know each other, talking and sharing the fellowship,' said Williams, who first got together with Fryar last season at the Pro Bowl. 'We're kindred. We're Christians. It's a joy to play against him. . . .'"

#10 PRAYER CIRCLE: Gnosticism(12)
Forty Day Ministry of Christ
by John Gee

"These accounts report the following: Jesus teaches the apostles the gospel they should preach to the world. He tells of a premortal life and the creation of the world, adding that this life is a probationary state of choosing between good and evil, and that those who choose good might return to the glory of God. He foretells events of the last days, including the return of Elijah. He also tells the disciples that the primitive church will be perverted after one generation, and teaches them to prepare for tribulation. These apocryphal accounts state that Christ's resurrection gives his followers hope for their own resurrection in glory. Besides salvation for the living, salvation of the dead is a major theme, as are the ordinances: "baptism, the Sacrament or Eucharist, ordination of the apostles to authority, their being blessed one by one, and an initiation or Endowment (cf. Luke 24:49; usually called 'mysteries'), with an emphasis on garments, marriage, and PRAYER CIRCLES. These accounts, usually called secret (Greek, apokryphon; Coptic, hep), are often connected somehow to the temple, or compared to the Mount of Transfiguration. Sometimes the apostles are said to ascend to heaven where they see marvelous things. Whether everything in such accounts is true or not, the actions of the apostles after the post-resurrection visits of Jesus contrast sharply with those before. . . ."

#11 PRAYER CIRCLE: Messianic Jews(13)
Newsletter May 1997

"Son of David Congregation [-] Many exciting reports have come from Son of David Congregation, led by Scott Brown in the Washington, D.C. area. Prayer is getting priority! A women's 'urgent prayer' chain, a bi-monthly corporate prayer convocation, a weekly Shabbat morning intercessory prayer group, and havurah (home group) PRAYER CIRCLES have all been established. In addition, a men's PRAYER CHAIN is in the planning stages. . . ."

#12 PRAYER CIRCLE: Marian Contemplative(14)
Summaries: Bellwether, Contemplative Formation Center:
Intercessors of the Lamb

"The Intercessors of the Lamb are an Association of the Christian Faithful with branches for priests (servant), religious (hermit), and laity (companion) founded in 1984 by Sr. Nadine Brown. Their mission focuses on living and teaching contemplative spirituality, intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare. All members are consecrated to Mary with the de Montfort consecration. The center offers a contemplative and intercessory prayer formation program. It promotes a National Intercessory Prayer Network, and sponsors the weekly Our Lady Queen of Peace Prayer Service, days of intercession, all night vigils, weekends of Renewal in the Holy Spirit, intercessory prayer leadership weekends, spiritual warfare leadership seminars, an annual National Conference on Intercessory Prayer, parish missions, and establishes INTERCESSORY PRAYER CIRCLES for parishes, homes [and] offices. . . ."

#13 PRAYER CIRCLE: Christian Discipleship(15)
FrontLine Discipleship

"PRAYING CIRCLE - Select 5 or more of your friends, form a small prayer group and plan to have prayer time in your home.

"A good time to have a PRAYER CIRCLE is on Sunday afternoon after worship service. We normally start with a potluck fellowship. Each family brings a dish. This is a great way to start because most friends enjoy getting together to eat. In our experiences with the Prayer Circle, after the first meeting, everyone will look forward to the next one. We suggest that you have the Prayer Circle a minimum of once per month. . . . NEVER SKIP A MONTH! If everyone in your PRAYER CIRCLE can't find a convenient time to meet, pray anyway. It is important to hold the monthly meeting.

"Tips for Your PRAYER CIRCLE

"The first meeting should not last more than 2 hours. . . . The PRAYER CIRCLE leader also organizes the devotional and gets volunteers to lead prayers. We pass a pen and a spiritual planner around for individuals to write their prayer requests. We date and record all of the prayer requests in the spiritual planner. At subsequent meetings, we use this journal as a testimony of the answers to our prayers."

"The Fellowship

"The meal usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. When most people are finished eating, we announce that the prayer time will be starting in a few minutes. We also make sure that everyone has had the opportunity to write their prayer requests in the spiritual planner. At this point, the host family is assisted with the dishes and putting the food away.

"Prayer Time

"The prayer time begins with acapella singing. This is followed by scripture reading. Normally someone gives a short talk (3 minutes or less) regarding some aspect of prayer. In our meetings, ministers that are present allow others to give the short talks. This helps to develop other spiritual leaders in the small group. "After one or two short songs the actual prayer time begins. Someone in the group reads approximately four of the prayer requests. . . . The PRAYER CIRCLE stands, holds hands and the prayer leader prays. This process is repeated until all the prayer requests have been presented before God. The PRAYER CIRCLE leader checks to make sure all the prayers have been covered. . . ."

#14 PRAYER CIRCLE: Metaphysical Group(16)

"This garden of spiritual inspiration is devoted to metaphysics, mysticism and spiritual healing. And whatever you click on [referring to choosing a page on this Website] is Divine Guidance for this moment.

"Prayer Partners in Spiritual Healing

"Prayer counseling, prayer healing, PRAYER CIRCLE, prayer, prayer guidance, prayer healing

"Do you have a problem? Prayer is a vital, living, dynamic spiritual force. It has been shown to impact the course of illness and suffering in an incredible way. So if you are facing a challenge, let prayer work for you. Our prayer circle will go into Silence and pray to resolve your need. For prayer counseling, click here: Prayer Request. . . ."

#15 PRAYER CIRCLE: New Age/Metaphysical(17)
Urantia Book's Fellowship Prayer Circle

"Welcome to The Fellowship's PRAYER CIRCLE. Submit prayer requests by clicking here. Someone from the Circle will respond. Prayer works! "If you would engage in effective praying, you should bear in mind the laws of prevailing petitions outlined in The Urantia Book:

"1. You must qualify as a potent prayer by sincerely and courageously facing the problems of universe reality. You must possess cosmic stamina. "2. You must have honestly exhausted the human capacity for human adjustment. You must have been industrious. "3. You must surrender every wish of mind and every craving of soul to the transforming embrace of spiritual growth. You must have experienced an enhancement of meanings and an elevation of values. "4. You must make a wholehearted choice of the divine will. You must obliterate the dead center of indecision. "5. You not only recognize the Father's will and choose to do it, but you have effected an unqualified consecration, and a dynamic dedication, to the actual doing of the Father's will. "6. Your prayer will be directed exclusively for divine wisdom to solve the specific human problems encountered in the Paradise ascension--the attainment of divine perfection. "7. And you must have faith--living faith.

#16 PRAYER CIRCLE: Christian Health organization(18)
A Different Point of View [World-Wide Prayer Circle]
The Alternative News Center

". . . . In addition to our morning reading [A Quiet Place] we have added this page for those that are wanting a place to share there [sic] prayer request with believers. "There is Power in prayer. I have seen it. I have experienced it. While others observe the 'worlds' news and despair, we believe that by grabbing hold of the Arm of the Almighty by faith, we can make 'news' and affect the outcome of personal and worldly events. "Join with me and let's pray about your concerns, fears and problems. Send your prayer requests here and we will post them. If you would like to be a part of a WORLD-WIDE PRAYER CIRCLE just put the words 'Prayer List' . . . in the . . . Email form. Your prayer request will be shared with others, and you will receive their prayer requests in turn. "And so dear Father, we ask You to bless this endeavor to provide your people with the opportunity to share the burdens of others in prayer. May we become more like You through this experience, and glorify Your Name. Amen. . . ."

#17 PRAYER CIRCLE: Sufi Healing Order(19)
Sufi Healing Order Ministry

"Welcome to The Sufi Healing Order web site! There are a number of services we offer. The primary activity of the Healing Order is spiritual healing. We offer 'The Healing Service' which is a group PRAYER CIRCLE asking the Divine One to heal those who ask this of us. Through ritual, prayer, and attunement to the Divine Spirit The Healing Service offers the possibility of healing to those who request it. If you need to contact someone to request a healing press Contacts. "Members of The Sufi Healing Order also visit the ill, those in distress, and the infirm, bringing them the Divine Presence as a balm and a healing, as well as offering personal care and support. Members receive training in spiritual healing and integrate this into their personal and professional wellness counseling. If you are interested in contacting someone local regarding Sufi Healing Order classes press Contacts. . . ."

#18 PRAYER CIRCLE: New Age Member Of World Parliament Of Religions(20)
Circle Sanctuary's Purpose and Work

- "Promote dialogue, cooperation, and mutually beneficial networking among individuals, groups, and organizations of a wide range of Pagan denominations and paths through Circle Network. . . . - "Maintain Circle Sanctuary land, a Pagan religious center and Nature preserve. . . . - "Promote the creation and sharing of Pagan rituals, meditations, music, images, and other sacred art forms. - "Provide Pagan ministerial services including counseling, SPIRITUAL HEALING PRAYER CIRCLES, and psychotherapy, plus conduct worship services as well as weddings, child blessings, funerals, house blessings, and other rites of passages. - "Participate in interfaith dialogue and collaboration, including helping to sponsor conferences such as the Parliament of the World's Religions and serve as a consultant for Harvard's religious Pluralism Project. - "Engage in international and multicultural exchange and cooperation for greater planetary peace and wellness.

#19 PRAYER CIRCLE: Planetary Transformation(21)
Unity North Atlanta Church
Transforming the Planet through Love, One Heart at a Time

"Conscious Living Circles
"A Safe Haven to Grow and Make Friends

"CONSCIOUS LIVING CIRCLES are fun and safe places to grow. The Circles consist of approximately 12 people who discuss various subjects which the group chooses as a collective whole. The subjects give you answers to your questions as well as questions to your answers. Truth principles apply in a relaxed atmosphere of love, listening and sharing. The groups meet weekly for eight weeks at various homes and times. "Everyone that has participated in these Circles has grown, made new friends and achieved a higher awareness. The energy is wonderful and you receive prayer support from all the members. The CIRCLES are led with the Principles of Tao by a Facilitator and Assistant Facilitator. "A CIRCLE is a place of powerful prayer support, meditation and discussion where people meet in a relaxed atmosphere of a host home where one can experience growth and fun. The energy of the CIRCLE is one of love and the honoring of one another through the practice of active listening. CONSCIOUS LIVING CIRCLES provide a place where friendships are made and a sense of spiritual community and belonging to the family a [sic] Unity North can begin for you. . . . "

#20 PRAYER CIRCLE: One World's People/Community(22)
A Prayer Vigil For The Earth

"Calling A CIRCLE Of All People To Join Us
"Sunrise, September 27, 1997

"In this time of prophecy we are all asked to join together--black, red, white, yellow and brown--to pray as One People for the Earth. "We are hoping everyone will join us at sunrise, September 27, 1997. We'd like to create a CONTINUOUS PRAYER CIRCLE AROUND THE EARTH as the sun rises that morning.


"In 1993 The Circle, The Wittenberg Center, and David Berry, a government official organized the first annual prayer vigil entitled, "One Mind, One Voice, One Heart, One Prayer". This thirty-hour continuous prayer vigil is now held every Fall in a field next to the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, USA. Surrounded by a circle of tipis [teepees] and gathered around the flames of a sacred fire, each year Wisdom Keepers and others share their ceremonies and teachings with all who attend. The Vigil has been expanding each year and in 1997 the circle of tipis is opening to include structures and dwellings from other cultures and religious traditions. . . .

* International Peace Village
* Thirty Hours of Continuous Prayer
* Prayers and Ceremonies by Indigenous Elders and Leaders of All Faiths
* Blessing the Trees of Peace, Memorial Gardens
* The World Peace Prayer Ceremony
* Youth Lodge and Program
* Talking Circles for All Participants
* International Music Offerings
* Round Dances for Racial Unity
* The Earth Charter . . . .

"Washington, D.C. -- At sunrise on Saturday, September 27, 1997, . . . Native American spiritual elders will hold a sacred Pipe Ceremony inaugurating a 30-hour Prayer Vigil for the Earth. In addition to continuous silent prayer offered by volunteers-- each in their own faith tradition--the Vigil's rich presentations scattered within and around a circle of 14 teepees will include a World Peace Prayer Ceremony, healing music in the Sufi Tradition, round dances for racial unity, drumming, chanting, TALKING CIRCLES, and a vigil fire throughout the night. " . . . this year's annual Vigil welcomes all peoples from the greater Washington, D.C. area to join in the prayers, dances, and ceremonies, . . . not as tourists or curiosity seekers, said Sharon Franquement, Director, The Circle, but as people seeking to heal the Earth and honor its sacredness. Other assisting organizations for this year are Unity By the Bay, The Washington DC Intertribal Cultural Association, Four Worlds International, Airline Ambassadors, the North American Coalition of Religion and Ecology, The Washington Area United Religions Initiative, and The Nathaniel Center for Spiritual Growth. "Indigenous leaders for the Vigil will include William Commanda of the Algonquin Nation from Manawaki, Quebec, Canada; Phil Lane of Four Worlds International, and Harry S. Byrd of the Lakota Nation. . . ."

These are some of the various groups which use prayer circles today. In addition, I found prayer circles being used in every major denomination, as well as by groups seeking to influence public policy, such as those of all faiths who formed a prayer circle around the negotiating site in Dayton, when an agreement about Bosnia was being hammered out. Throughout all the mentions of prayer circles, there's a variety of combinations of these themes: accountability, intimacy, fellowship, unity in diversity, community, and reconciliation. So often we think of the demonic realm as fire-breathing spirits, but the antichrist spirit is one who comes speaking flatteries to entice people to himself. If anything, one could say this is the "nice side" of the devil, but he still uses it to steal, kill and destroy. Prayer circles are basically white magic, which is what is prevalent in the Catholic Marian manifestations and other phenomena.

Promise Keepers and John Wimber, who was noted for calling up demons in his meetings to show that he could control them, are tied to the Catholic movement through the Word of God Community in Ann Arbor. (The Charismatic community I belonged was also tied to Ann Arbor through its leadership.) From David Cho, Wimber brought in the idea of "kinship groups" or what are now known as "house churches" or "cell groups." In those cell groups, or what our community called "households," prayer circles and ideas of intimacy with God AND ONE ANOTHER were introduced to participants. Out of these also came the tie-in to the Shepherding movement, which brought in the concept of accountability now evident in Promise Keepers. PK's co-founder James Ryle, of course, came from Wimber's organization and is Bill McCartney's pastor, which accounts for Promise Keepers' use of the prayer circle as an energizing practice of unity among all men.

As I mentioned, the Charismatic Renewal brought prayer circles into widespread use through the ecumenical prayer meetings begun after Vatican II, and they were part of the early empowering of those people used to get this whole thing headed in the "right" direction. The Shepherding Movement was then introduced by Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince, Joe Garlington, Larry Tomczak and others. In the 1970's, many of these men travelled to our town and across the country to hold huge meetings to instill the idea of accountability within the small groups. What all this led to, of course, was demon-energized groups being brought into accountability to men while the word of God was twisted, laid down, compromised, and changed. Meanwhile, what took center stage in prayer groups was each person's "testimony" of what God had done. People's lives and minds and spirits were now being controlled, and that is what we have today: a Zombie-like, controlled global Church who "just love one another", brought about through the tactics of spiritual manipulators and mind control agents. Today they are just that, and that's why many can't hear the truth when you give it to them. _____________

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