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"The Triune God" Software (Freeware)

Age 9 to Adult

Because the Trinity is being attacked in these times, I put together a basic study called "The Triune God" in order to explain the basics of God as a Trinity. False doctrines about the Trinity are being debated daily on the internet, including the teaching that the Trinity is not Biblical, and another doctrine that teaches that God (or Jesus) manifests Himself as the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, as He chooses. Some even accuse Trinitarians of serving three gods, the argument being that the word Trinity is not in the Scriptures. It isn't. But the three separate Persons of the One God are: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This program was designed with children in mind, because I believe young people are having an extremely hard time spiritually. I cannot think of anything they need to know that's more important than who God is. So for the benefit of the children, the study is written in simple language. A nine year old can read through it and ask the parent pertinent questions, although my real hope is that parents will do the study with their children.

The outline is basic:

    * Who Is God?
    * What Is God Like?
    * The Father Is God
    * God As Our Father
    * The Son Is God
    * Jesus: The Only Way
    * The Holy Spirit Is God
    * Do You Know Why You Need Jesus To Be Your Saviour?

I have tested this program on Windows98 and WindowsXP and it works on both of those systems. Adventure Maker, the program I used to write it, works on Windows95, Windows98, Windows XP and Windows 2000, so it is reasonable to assume "The Triune God" program will work on those systems also.

The Triune God software is a 3 MB download and requires 6.1 MB for installation.

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