In Search Of The Origins Of The PreWrath Doctrine
Introduction: PreWrath: The Confusing Of Terminology
By Ed Tarkowski

It is very disturbing to hear what is happening with the term, PreWrath Rapture. On more than one occasion I have heard it said that

  1. Pretribulationism is PreWrath

  2. Midtribulationism is PreWrath

  3. Posttribulationism is PreWrath

  4. PreWrath is Prewrath

Why is that disturbing? Because the term PreWrath is becoming a synonym for Premillenialism. Premillenialism is the belief that Jesus' return occurs before or at the beginning of the millennium. (Postmillennialism is Jesus returning after the millennial). Rosenthal and Van Kampen used the word PreWrath as a definitive term TO LABEL THE PARTICULAR IDEA that Jesus would return 6 months to a year and half before the end of Daniel's 70th week. Originally, the use of this term had absolutely nothing to do with Pretribulationism, Midtribulationism, or Posttribulationism, they were never CALLED Prewrath doctrines. That is important because the now-popular use of the term outside of its original purpose is bringing the term into common usage to the point that it is confusing and clouding the lines defining doctrines. It is not just a matter of symantics; we are speaking about a "new" doctrine that has entered the Church. What I find happening is the term Prewrath attaching itself to the other terms labeling particular second coming doctrines, and that can be dangerous for discernment and study purposes. Let's keep the lines clear so we can make an honest judgment about each belief concerning Christ's coming.

I've debated the following point many times and it is surprising that people can't see the dangers in what I am saying. To believe a doctrine of Christ's return that proposes another time or period or season other than what is stated in Scripture places one in the position of expecting "another" Christ, though there is no other. We say we love Jesus, we say we would die for Jesus, we repeat His words that His words are spirit and life to us, and God said in Isaiah 8:20, "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them," but when it comes to His second coming, it seems some believe we have sanction to believe whatever suits us best. But, His coming is the culmination of a 6,000 year old plan that brings to completion the desires our Father had since before the foundations of the earth were laid. We cannot continue to believe it isn't that important what we believe concerning our Lord's second coming to set up His millennial reign.