"Posttribulationism vs Pretribulation Charts" (Freeware)

This software is divided into five sections of charts comparing Posttribulationism with Pretribulationism. The charts are based on articles on my web page, but bring out the points in what I think is a much clearer way. Below is a sample of one of the charts in the program. The charts are titled as follows:

Two Raptures, Two Hopes?

Creation Changed Before Tribulation?

Is Matthew 24 For The Jews?

OT Saints Raised Pretrib?

Will Saints Suffer Wrath In The Trib?

I have tested this program on Windows98 and WindowsXP and it works on both of those systems. Adventure Maker, the program I used to write it, works on Windows95, Windows98, Windows XP and Windows 2000, so it is reasonable to assume this program will work on those systems also.

The Posttribulationism vs Pretribulation Charts is a 3 MB download and requires 6 MB for installation.

TO DOWNLOAD - Click here to read the LICENSE AGREEMENT. Downloading this software means you have read and accepted the License Agreement. When you click AGREE, you will be able to download the program.

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