Beware the New Prophets

A Caution Concerning the Modern Prophetic Movement

"Pastor Bill Randles has touched on a subject of great importance today. The re-emergence of the Latter Rain Movement with its aberrant theology and careless eschatology is deceiving many within the ranks of Pentecostalism and Charismaticism. When this doctrine first emerged in the 1940's it was rightly challenged by the mainstream Pentecostal denominations. Today it is finding greater acceptance among those denomination's pastors, and has made great inroads among their national leadership. The deception never really died; it went underground to await the day when sound doctrine would be of little concern amount the leadership of the churches. This book should help the uninformed as well as those already aware of this deception to understand the threat posed by today's self proclaimed "apostles" and "prophets." Al Dager, Media Spotlight Report. Order

Weighed and Found Wanting

The Handwriting Is On The Wall! Mene Mene, Tekel UPARSIN!
You have been weighed and you are too light

Is the handwriting on the wall for the modern Charismatic church? Pentecostal Pastor Bill Randles thinks so. The current, mystical, "Laughing Revival" espoused by Rodney Howard Browne and the Toronto Airport Vineyard, among others, is indeed a sign to be interpreted, but of what? Read why the author of Making War in the Heavenlies...A Different Look believes that this current "Renewal" is actually a judgement from God, and possibly the delusion of II Thess 2!! Order

Making War in the Heavenlies...
A Different Look

Christian commando raids, spiritual mapping, casting "strongmen" out of whole cities. What are we to make of these and other practices? Regarded by many as a "new breakthrough" in spiritual warfare. In this book, Pentecostal Pastor Bill Randles makes an impassioned plea for a return to the true spiritual warfare of the apostles, while offering a critique of current trends. This book is worth its price, just for the appendix on gnosticism alone! Order

DECEPTION IN THE CHURCH RESOURCES. Sandy Simpson has a large selection of Books, Tapes and Videos to refute the ongoing apostasy.


THE CHURCH AND THE TRIBULATION by Robert Gundry. This is still the best apologetic for the posttribulation position. Gundry does a good job at critiquing the popular pretribulational view and setting forth a solid exegetical defense of posttribulationism. Order
THE RAPTURE PLOT by Dave MacPherson. For 165 years, through cover-up and historical revisionism, a handful of scholars has managed to hide the heretical origins of the pre-tribulation rapture. MacPherson, an expert on the origins of the pre-trib theory, exposes how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the "mother of all revisionisms." 290 pages, paper, bibliography, appendices, index Order
THE THREE R'S: Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery by Dave MacPherson. A study of the character of pretribulation rapturism from 1830 to Hal Lindsey. How did the Great Pyramid of Egypt conveniently provide extra "proof," during the last century, for the young and struggling pretrib rapture view? Name the starry-eyed 19th century British plagiarist (plagiarized by Lindsey in The Late Great Planet Earth) who "found" occultic "proof" for pretrib in one of the heavenly constellations. How can "orthodox" Lindsey easily blend the Bible with pseudo-scientific and even occultic notions such as the "Jupiter Effect" and the zodiacal "Virgo-to-Leo" theory? MacPherson answers these and many other questions. 149 pages, paper, bibliography Order
THE INCREDIBLE COVERUP by Dave MacPherson. MacPherson has done important research into the origins of various beliefs concerning the timing of the rapture. His task took him to England and Scotland and finally focused on the ship-building city of Port Glasgow. In places, his report reads like a detective story, and what he finally tells is both fascinating and surprising. 171 pages, paper, bibliography. Order
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