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Part 2: A "New" Abraham, A "New Child," A "New" Israel

Just to make sure it is understood, I do not support any of this as true prophecy, but spirits other the Holy Spirit can prophesy as well. Jane Lead prophesied in 1696:

"Because God himself will tabernacle there, and Sign them with the Mark of his own Name, and adorn them with Miraculous Gifts and Powers, BEYOND WHATEVER YET HATH BEEN. WHEREBY ALL NATIONS SHALL BE BROUGHT IN [Toronto Blessing-Ed], so that the Increase of this Priestly Kingdom will be very great. And then shall all these Churches aforementioned [Babylon], give up, out of them, those precious lively Stones, which have been here from excluded under the covert of a Form. No Bonds, or Imposing Powers there will be, NO PARTITION WALLS ALL THESE SHALL FALL FLAT BY SION'S EVERLASTING TRUMPETS [shofars?-Ed]; For the Holy Unction must among these newborn Spirits be All in All. And this is the Church that was by the Holy One and True thus defined; against which no exception can be." (Caps mine-ED)

In the following, I will repeat quotes from Lead so you can compare what I am saying about Toronto by skimming her words.


One of the "revival" prophecies of the early 90s was this prophetic word given at Toronto Airport Vineyard in 1992, in which Mark Dupont announced the beginning of what Jane Lead had prophesied. Dupont's prophecy equates Toronto with Jerusalem and the "new" anointing to a New Pentecost by which, in Lead's words, "ALL NATIONS SHALL BE BROUGHT IN":

"Like Jerusalem, Toronto will end up being a sending-out place. It is of God that there are so many internationals in this area. The Lord is going to be sending out many people, filled with His Spirit with strong gifting, vision, and love to the nations on all continents."(1)

We should realize the importance of this statement because it is the "New Beginnings" of the Church AS the "new" Israel, the Israel which will succeed in taking "the Blessing" to the nations because Abraham supposedly failed. Toronto is the redefined Abrahamic Covenant in action and the Church and Israel have been redefined to implement it. In other words, everything that has to do with the unbelieving, supposedly God-forsaken nation of Israel has to find a place in this corporate "new" man, "new" Israel. Abraham, of course, was the foundation of the Israelites. So if there is to be a "New" Beginning, there must be a "new" Abraham to replace the true one, and that "new" Abraham must bring the promise of a child whose whole life and purpose is defined by a "new" Abrahamic Covenant.


We find just that man and just that promise in the person of John Wimber, who wrote that God told him to go to the nations in what would be A SEASON OF NEW BEGINNINGS. He believed God said, "I'm going to start it all over again. I'm going to pour out my Spirit in your midst like I did in the beginning." Wimber writes,

"I heard myself say: Shall I have this pleasure in my old age? The very words that Sarah laughingly said to herself when she overheard the Lord say she was going to have a son from her 90-year-old womb by her 100-year-old husband (Gen. 18:10). This was a word of life from the Lord, and it touched me deeply."(2)

A "new" Abraham with a promise of a "new" Isaac, this time a corporate one, just as Lead prophesied over 300 years ago:

"Now from hence it was revealed to me, THAT ABRAHAM AND SARAH WERE A TYPE OF THAT WHICH SHOULD BE PRODUCED, AND MANIFESTED IN THE LAST AGE OF THE WORLD, according to all the Prophecies that run pointing still to the Glory of Mount Sion, that hath always been expected to be revealed in every Age since Christ." (Caps mine-ED)

As we will see, the corporate Isaac is to include ALL HUMANITY as written in the "new" (redefined) Abrahamic Covenant. Six years ago, no one realized the deceptive spiritual depth in Wimber's words, although about the same time, prophecies coming from other ministries were saying the same thing - even to the point of prophesying that "Isaac" was coming forth. If one has a "new" Abraham, then one needs a "new" promise of a "new" Isaac followed by a "new" birth of a "new" child, as well as a uniting of the nations for him to rule over. The result? A "New" Beginning, a redefining of the Church through a redefined Abrahamic Covenant, a "New Thing."


Allow me to remind you again that Jane Lead prophesied this impregnation 300 years ago. Here's Lead:

"And it was given me to see, how this Church would be gathered [the "revival"-Ed], which should proceed as Stars in the Right hand of the Head Shepherd. And as it was thus typified out by a Virgin Woman that brought forth CHRIST after the figure of an Human Body, as the Rock which the Apostolical Church was built upon. So likewise, according to John's Prophecy, a Virgin Woman is designed of a pure Spirit, and of a bright Sunlike Body, ALL IMPREGNATED WITH THE HOLY GHOST, THAT SHALL TRAVAIL TO BRING FORTH THE FIRSTBORN, THAT WILL MULTIPLY AND PROPAGATE INTO SUCH A BODY, AS SHALL BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT, POWER, AND TEMPLE GLORY OF THE LAMB OF GOD." (Caps mine-ED)

The first of the other prophecies we'll look at was delivered by Morris Cerullo in a promotional letter for his 1994 London School of Ministry. In it, he prophesied a PROMISED IMPREGNATION, just as Lead had predicted:

". . . . God has revealed to me revelations . . . of His Spirit, of His endtime, so sacred . . . . You never heard this word preached anywhere. It is Hot, it is sacred, it is Deep! . . . Come away to this place where I poured out My Holy Spirit . . . . I will make you pregnant with My reality. . . The Holy Spirit is the part of God that will manifest the pregnancy in your being. Something great is about to happen to you"(3).

Cerullo said God instructed him to teach that He "will MAKE YOU PREGNANT with [HIS] REALITY. . . ." through "sacred . . . revelations . . . never heard preached anywhere."(4) But the Church already has the Spirit indwelling it forever. We don't need God to impregnate us with His reality. And the simple gospel was once delivered to the saints; we don't need any new revelations that are Hot, Sacred and Deep, revelations that we never heard before.


LEAD: "as the Rock which the Apostolical Church was built upon. So likewise, according to John's Prophecy, a Virgin Woman is designed of a pure Spirit, and of a bright Sunlike Body, ALL IMPREGNATED WITH THE HOLY GHOST"
LEAD: "Even also amongst those that judge themselves nearest come up to the APOSTOLICAL DISPENSATION [restored apostles-Ed], there will be a shaking, and great Frustration." (caps mine-ED)

The next is a PROPHECY OF THE IMPREGNATION given to Glenn Foster in a night vision in January 1994. In an interview with Pat Robertson, Judson Cornwall said Foster saw them both (Cornwall and Foster) in a PREGNANT condition. He said that during this night vision, the Lord revealed:

"I am now impregnating some of my mature, older ministers with truth. . . . I'm choosing my older men because I can trust them to carry that truth to full gestation and have the patience to raise it up once it is delivered. . . . I will bring forth truth that is not now being taught and you will be part of it."(5)

This is a significant statement. The Church is being IMPREGNATED with TRUTH NOT NOW TAUGHT that will eventually manifest "something" in this world when it is raised up!(6) God does not impregnate us with NEW TRUTH to manifest "something." He speaks to us through His word in its proper context.


LEAD: "all impregnated with the Holy Ghost, that shall travail to bring forth the firstborn, that will multiply and propagate into such a body"

The next word is a PROPHECY OF FULL GESTATION given by Marilyn Hickey's husband, Wallace, at a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting aired on TBN in MAY 1994. This rhyming prophecy says that the "child" is growing in the Church:

"The Spirit in this very hour says, Don't think you've seen it all as you go in the Holy Ghost way. God is new and He's a growing person as anything that is alive. So you don't have to work it up or try in your flesh to strive. Just let God be God in you as a child, as a child be. God would will that the whole of everyone in eternity would be like He is, never old, ever young, growing, a growing thing"(7).

This has to raise some questions. Is the God of Scripture a GROWING THING in us AS A CHILD? NO. Is God a GROWING PERSON as ANYTHING that is alive? NO. Hickey was not prophesying about the God of the Bible.


LEAD: "THIS IS THE [Apostate-Ed] CHURCH that shall be called The Lord our Righteousness; Because God himself will tabernacle there, and Sign them with the Mark of his own Name, and adorn them with Miraculous Gifts and Powers, BEYOND WHATEVER YET HATH BEEN. WHEREBY ALL NATIONS SHALL BE BROUGHT IN [Toronto Blessing-Ed], so that the Increase [harvest-Ed] of this Priestly Kingdom will be very great." (caps mine-ED)

The next progressive prophecy is the PROPHECY OF THE BIRTH from a brochure entitled "The Great Intruder," advertising the 1994 Passion & Fire Conferences held by Jill Austin of Master Potter Ministries:

"Prophetically, the child Isaac, which means 'Laughter,' is being released in nation after nation as the new wine is being passed."

This prophecy contradicts Hebrews 1:1-2, which tells us,

"God, who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds."

Christ Jesus our Lord, who fulfilled the type of Isaac by His coming into the world, means "Emmanuel, God with us." This movement's child is "Isaac, meaning Laughter," and "he" is being released into the world as new wine, bringing joy and laughter to the nations. Now the question is, is Jill Austin connected in any way to the Toronto Church and its Blessing? Vineyard churches are listed in great numbers on the Master Potter ministries conference schedule.(8) Furthermore, at a Pastor's meeting on October 10, 1994, John Arnott, pastor of Toronto Vineyard, acknowledged that Jill Austin of Master Potter ministries shared the same laughing anointing, the same "fire of God":

". . . . I spent a year and a half trying to find some anointed evangelist -- and they are out there, and one of them was Jill. Jill Austin is with us and Jill's been going around the country doing this for several years. But it wasn't transferring to people in every case. There were examples of it, but it was still hard to get, wasn't it? It's not anymore, though, I bet. No. And so we would have loved to have had Jill come and spend three or four days with us, and we would have had a great time in the Spirit of God. But then, Jill would have left, and in all probability the Holy Spirit would have gone with her. . . . What could be better in terms of honouring the office of the pastor and the senior pastor of a church than the Holy Spirit using you [pastors] to bring renewal, revival, fire, home to that church?"(9)


LEAD: (See the quote in last section.)

The next "word of the Lord" we want to look at is a PROPHECY OF THE CORPORATE SON in The Endtime Handmaidens newsletter of October 1994. This revelation shows us that "Sarah's Child, Isaac," is a corporate man:

"Sarah is a type of the Church. The Church is 'withered,' and its womb is dried up in many places, but God is sending a revival of joy to awaken and renew the Church so that she can bring forth the 'man-child' of joy, even the army of overcomers who will go forth in the likeness and image of the Lord in these last days."(10)

Take note of this: the STATED PURPOSE of the laughing revival IS TO BRING FORTH THE "MAN-CHILD" OF JOY THAT WILL SUBDUE THE EARTH. National ministry leaders have now said God would impregnate, has impregnated, has brought that pregnancy to full gestation, and has released "the child" into all the nations. But there is NO MENTION in Scripture of such a prophetic utterance after the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nor does Scripture speak of a release of ANY OTHER SPIRIT but the Holy Spirit, sent ONCE AND FOR ALL at Pentecost to announce the glorification of Christ at the right hand of God and to permanently indwell all believers. This new move is founded on PROGRESSIVE REVELATION, "truths" never heard nor seen before, a typical mark of the Latter Rain Movement.


LEAD: "Upon such a spirit as this was, God will found this Virgin Church, who shall be as the Firstborn out of Wisdom's Womb, of which Sarah was a Type, who by Faith conceived him, of whom came the great Increase, as to the making up of a Visible Church;"

The final word we want to look at was given during a Toronto pastors' meeting on October 12, 1994, when Byron Mode of Dallas testified how he had previously roared like a lion. He continued,

"The second time this roaring occurred, the Lord showed me a vision. . . . We have got to be consumed with a fire within us, burning for the lost in order that we truly are able to pray them in. . . . What's happening right now is a romantic thing. God is romancing his Church, and through that romance he says I'm going to then IMPREGNATE and through the IMPREGNATION will then come NEW BIRTH,(11) and we're in the romancing and IMPREGNATION stage right now but we've got to pray in and cry out for the harvest. The harvest isn't just gonna' happen. This is the pre-stage of it, of God's romancing of his Church....."


So, there we have it: a "new" Abraham who receives "a promise" of a "new" Isaac who will rule the gathered nations of the world. Have any of these "prophecies" gone awry during the past six years? No, but they cannot be attributed to God because there is nothing in Scripture concerning the releasing of Isaac as the fullfillment of the covenant God made with Abraham. Since 1994 when all of these were given, the "revival" and its "Isaac" have grown to global proportions.

This will have global implications, most likely before this year ends. If you are involved in the "revival," this is your foundation. The spirit you have received is that of "Isaac" who is making you drunk on the new wine being poured out upon the nations. This has nothing to do with our Lord Jesus Christ.


(1) Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc. A two part prophecy by Mark Dupont concerning revival coming to part of the church of Toronto. May 1992 & July 1993, Part One: May 92, While In Toronto For The Area Of Southern Ontario, Point E.

(2) John Wimber, "Season of New Beginnings," File NEWBEG.TXT, 23879 Bytes, Compuserve, CIN-4, Lib 2. Originally published in the May/June 1994 edition of Vineyard Reflections newsletter published by Association of Vineyard Churches. John Wimber, Publisher; Bill Henderson, editor.

(3) Morris Cerullo, London School of Ministry promotional material, 1994

(4) Cerullo: "I will make you pregnant with My reality": In Latter Rain teaching, the Church replaces Israel. This is the impregnation of the Church and the resulting pregnancy symbolized by the woman with child in Revelation 12:2: "And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered."

(5) Pat Robertson interview with Judson Cornwall, 700 Club, Family Channel, June 9, 1994.

(6) The statement is significant considering the global implications of "something being "raised up" based on "truth not now being taught." Jude 3 states that we are "to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints." A "new truth" can only lead toward a great delusion.

(7) Wallace Hickey, prophecy delivered during Rodney Howard-Browne service, videotape, aired on TBN May 1994.

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In a "Special Friends Report" from Master Potter Ministries, the following Vineyard churches were mentioned: VINEYARD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP - Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 "Passion & Fire" Conference, Oklahoma City, OK.; METRO VINEYARD FELLOWSHIP - Oct. 7-10 Kansas City, MO.; COAST COMMUNITY VINEYARD - Oct. 27-31 "Catch the Fire" Conference, Santa Barbara, CA.; VCF OF VINITA - Dec 1-4 "Passion and Fire" Conference, Vinita, OK.; VINEYARD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OF TULSA - Dec 8-11 "Passion and Fire" Conference, Tulsa, OK. (Passion & Fire Conferences with Jill Austin, A ministry of Master Potter, "Fresh Fire in Ohio, Connecticut, & Yale University," Special Friends Report).

(9) John Arnott, Pastors' Meeting - Airport Vineyard, Toronto, Ontario, transcript of audiotape, Wednesday, October 19, 1994.

(10) Discernment newsletter, Jewel van der Merwe, LATTER RAIN and The Rise of Joel's Army, p. 5 citing End-Time Handmaidens, Angel Letter #2, September/October 1994.

(11) (16) Mode: "through the IMPREGNATION will then come NEW BIRTH." One must consider 1 Peter 1:23 when discerning Mode's "new birth": "For you have [already] been born again . . . of imperishable seed, through the living and enduring word of God."

[End of Part 2.]


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