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Part 1: A "New" Abraham Prophesied 300 Years Ago

Since 1994, NEW, PROGRESSIVE REVELATIONS built on the Latter Rain foundation have spawned prophecies that something is being birthed in the Church. But this "revival" is founded on more than just "new," modern-day revelations. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies of mystic/spiritual alchemist Jane Lead. Babylon's walls have come down (the denominations), and the woman (Babylon) is dying, but in her death, she is bringing forth a child who will survive, grow and supposedly rule the world. The mystery in all of this is this: the woman in her dying becomes the child coming to life (a revamped and redefined Church), and it was all prophesied 300 years ago by alchemist/Theosophistic Jane Lead, a follower of Jacob Boehme.


Jacob Boehme was a Protestant mystic who lived from 15751624. Boehme was an enthusiastic student of the Bible and the works of the alchemist Paracelsus. He himself wrote heavily on spiritual alchemy and also on Kabbalistic concepts. His teachings are in part the foundation for Theosophy. His teachings, as well as Lead's, of course, were not of God.


Who was Jane Lead? Jane Lead was a follower of Jacob Boehme, and much of their writings were based on the premise that spiritual alchemy was the real means of the transformation of man. Alchemy, of course, is the turning of base materials into gold; spiritual alchemy is the attempt to turn man's base, sinful nature into a perfect, golden glorious one. Because her prophecies point right to the "revival" that is happening around us, the alchemy connection is interesting since gold, on faces and clothes, etc., is now being manifested in those who attend revival meetings. Many teachers in the revival also speak of "the glory" being manifested in the church before Christ returns. If the "revival" is fulfilling the prophecies of this alchemist, it is no wonder that gold is manifesting in "revival" meetings, with the promise of more glory to come. Hundreds of churches have already experienced this phenomena.


Here are some excerpts from Jane Lead's 1696 prophecies, "A Message to the Philadelphian Society" that are pertinent to this series:


"As to this receive what the Most Holy One hath made known unto me That though this Real Mount Sion Church made up of Philadelphian Spirits, is not known in Visibility, yet at present it may lie hid at this present time in the Womb of the Morning Sun. The VirginSpirit that is overshadowed with the Holy Ghost in order hereunto, is in the Wilderness, where for a time she must be in Concealment. THE LAST HALF TIME IS NOW UPON EXPIRING. THEN, O YE WHO SHALL BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO BE CALLED OUT OF BABYLON [the denominations-Ed], OUT OF THAT STATE WHICH IS IN CONFUSION, DARKNESS AND FORMALITY, UPON WHOM THE VIALS OF THE LAMB WILL BE POURED FORTH [judgment, cleansing-Ed]. Arise, come ye forth, and return to Sion ["New" Israel-Ed], being Redeemed from the Earth, and deliver'd from this long Captivity and Bondage under which ye have groaned. Even also amongst those that judge themselves nearest come up to the APOSTOLICAL DISPENSATION [restored apostles-Ed], there will be a shaking, and great Frustration." (caps mine-ED)


"Behold I will do a New thing upon the Earth, and when it springs forth, it shall condemn the highest Forms and Appearances of all visible Worships [the denominations-Ed], which now are reckoned Sacred. For God intends to frame a New Church [the global church-Ed]; which he will delight himself in, and rejoyce over."
How often have we heard about the "new thing" God is doing in every area of the Church. This "new thing" is synonymous with the redefining of the Church. (See A "New Thing" by Tricia.)


"And it was given me to see, how this Church would be gathered [the "revival," harvest-Ed], which should proceed as Stars in the Right hand of the Head Shepherd. And as it was thus typified out by a Virgin Woman that brought forth CHRIST after the figure of an Human Body, as the Rock which the Apostolical Church was built upon. So likewise, according to John's Prophecy, a Virgin Woman is designed of a pure Spirit, and of a bright Sunlike Body, ALL IMPREGNATED WITH THE HOLY GHOST, THAT SHALL TRAVAIL TO BRING FORTH THE FIRSTBORN, THAT WILL MULTIPLY AND PROPAGATE INTO SUCH A BODY, AS SHALL BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT, POWER, AND TEMPLE GLORY OF THE LAMB OF GOD." (caps mine-ED)

Lead is saying that just as Christ was born through a virgin and brought to the world through the labor of the Apostles in the early Church, so will there be impregnated apostles who will raise up a body which is also impregnated with the Holy Ghost. This is exactly what is happening in our day. Even the language that introduced Toronto to the world is the same. We will see this more clearly in Part 2.


"THIS IS THE [Apostate-Ed] CHURCH that shall be called The Lord our Righteousness; Because God himself will tabernacle there, and Sign them with the Mark of his own Name, and adorn them with Miraculous Gifts and Powers, BEYOND WHATEVER YET HATH BEEN. WHEREBY ALL NATIONS SHALL BE BROUGHT IN [Toronto Blessing-Ed], so that the Increase [harvest-Ed] of this Priestly Kingdom will be very great." (caps mine-ED)

Exactly the same language again. The whole "revival" is built on the idea of the tabernacle as it relates to man as a three-part being, the spirit being the Holy of Holies. The miraculous gifts and powers Lead prophesied are being proclaimed today by adherents of the "revival," and the work of "the kingdom" is to take the Toronto Blessing to the nations.


"And then shall all these Churches aforementioned [Babylon-Ed], give up, out of them, those precious lively Stones, which have been here from excluded under the covert of a Form. No Bonds, or Imposing Powers there will be, NO PARTITION WALLS ALL THESE SHALL FALL FLAT BY SION'S EVERLASTING TRUMPETS [shofars?-Ed]; For THE HOLY UNCTION [the "anointing"-Ed] must among these newborn Spirits be All in All. And this is the [single corporate] Church that was by the Holy One and True thus defined [redefinition of the Church by the "New Thing"]; against which no exception can be." (caps mine-ED)

Again, exact wording. Those in the denominations were hidden but because of the "revival" they have been coming out of their respective denominations, as the walls fall between those denominations. Even "the anointing" was prophesied through the use of the words "Holy Unction":

Merriam-Webster: Unction

1 : the act of anointing as a rite of consecration or healing 2 : something used for anointing : OINTMENT, UNGUENT 3 a : religious or spiritual fervor or the expression of such fervor b : exaggerated, assumed, or superficial earnestness of language or manner : UNCTUOUSNESS


Besides the fact that Lead actually prophesied "the anointing," the next quote from her writings absolutely astounded me because of the foundational prophesies that birthed the Toronto Blessing:

"Now from hence it was revealed to me, THAT ABRAHAM AND SARAH WERE A TYPE OF THAT WHICH SHOULD BE PRODUCED, AND MANIFESTED IN THE LAST AGE OF THE WORLD, according to all the Prophecies that run pointing still to the Glory of Mount Sion, that hath always been expected to be revealed in every Age since Christ." (caps mine-ED)

We will see why this is so important in Part 2, but the waiting encouraged by Lead in the 1690s is over. The time spoken of is here. Notice especially Lead's words above: "For God intends to frame a New Church," and "this is the Church that was by the Holy One and True thus defined; against which no exception can be." One of the most unbelievable statements we often heard in the early stages of the "revival" was that God was going to redefine His Church, tear it down and build a new, spiritual one. But, this "revival" today is NOT a NEW THING never heard of before, as some propose. It was prophesied by this "Christian" alchemist/mystic apart from the word of God some 300 years ago.


In the words of Jane Lead, we have described the apostasy:

  • the denominations are Babylon
  • they are dying, with judgment to follow
  • the falling down of the walls between denominations
  • the exodus from denominations
  • the promise of a "new" Abraham and Sarah
  • the redefining of the church, a "New Thing"
  • one new body [Isaac; Christ-Ed] of whom the Lord supposedly approves
  • a leadership of apostles to distribute "the anointing"
  • the latter day impregnation of the Church starting with "the apostles"
  • the taking of "the blessing ["the anointing"] to the nations"
  • the furthering of "the kingdom"


ALL OF IT began to come to pass in 1994, as we will see a little later. This is exactly what Toronto was about, to take the Toronto Blessing to the nations so that every one would be blessed. It is happening.

TAKE NOTE OF THIS: THE TYPE THAT WOULD FORESHADOW ALL OF THESE EVENTS was prophesied by this "Christian" alchemist as ABRAHAM AND SARAH! Lead prophesied of a "new" Abraham out of whom would come this exodus from the churches, and she foretold the birth of a "new" child who would rule the nations. This is the point I will build upon in Part 2:

"Now from hence it was revealed to me, THAT ABRAHAM AND SARAH WERE A TYPE OF THAT WHICH SHOULD BE PRODUCED, AND MANIFESTED IN THE LAST AGE OF THE WORLD, according to all the Prophecies that run pointing still to the Glory of Mount Sion, that hath always been expected to be revealed in every Age since Christ." (caps mine-ED)

Here she speaks of HER REVELATION that a type of ABRAHAM AND SARAH would be manifested "in the last age of the world." This is EXACTLY what brought in the Toronto Blessing through John Wimber.

The child, according to one modern day prophetic ministry, is "Isaac," and it is he who will grow (in numbers), mature and rise to inherit all things and rule the nations with a rod of iron. It is hard to ignore the Jewish flavor that Jane Lead gives to this endtime church which she says will in the end gather with the Lamb on what she calls Mt. Sion.

This "Isaac" is supposedly the "new" Israel which must incorporate all of humanity into itself so all will be "his," and bring judgment on that which won't cooperate. In other words, God's workings and dealings with natural Israel are said to be over; nothing else needs to be done except to unite it with this new entity, just as the Gentiles must be. Christians who don't unite with them are considered apostate, just as the denominations are considered to be Babylon. Replacement Theology is the Latter Rain practice of replacing Israel with the Church alone as the object of Scriptural prophecy, and out of this practice have come the "new" revelations. Lay hold of this fact: the apostate church believes it is the "new" Israel and the foundations on which it stands are a "new" Abraham, a new "Isaac" and a "new" (redefined) Abrahamic Covenant. According to Jane Lead's prophecies, this Firstborn shall be out of Wisdom's Womb, of which Sarah was a Type:

"Immediately after Christ's Ascension it was looked for, and believed in, when the Apostles gathered several Branches relating to such a Church to their Day. But this was not fixed for Substance, because Corrupted since, and so in the Confusion of Babylon, as it is at this Day; the ruins of which are yet to be raised up and a perfect TempleBody, answerable to the HeadPower. Which now the Holy Spirit hath given the true Model of, in the Figure of Him who was the Beginning of the Israelitish Church, whom God chose, and called from out of his own People, and from the land of his nativityWho in the Spirit of Faith obeyed all, and every Requiring of God. Upon such a spirit as this was, God will found this Virgin Church, who shall be as the Firstborn out of Wisdom's Womb, of which Sarah was a Type, who by Faith conceived him, of whom came the great Increase, as to the making up of a Visible Church; Among the Genealogy of which CHRIST was born after the Flesh; in which Human Property he was Despised; and though he came to his own, yet was neither received, not owned by them. But now in, and from the Spirit of Faith there will be brought forth, as from the Dead, a New Offspring, and Virgin Generation, altogether after the purifying nature of Faith; unto whom CHRIST will Personally appear the second Time, a Body being for that purpose, thus prepared Him."

There is no room for natural Israel in this prophecy, but plenty of room for a "new Israel" to rise through Lead's words.

[End of Part 1.]


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