The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary
June G. Beltzer, Ph.D.

Unless noted otherwise
Compiled by Ed Tarkowski

Please Note:
1. Definitions are in alphabetical order; synonyms in brackets may not be defined elsewhere.

2. Definitions have been chosen that show a strong similarity to practices in the "revival," either in their entirety or in part. These are presented to encourage further research into the area of power being manifested in the "revival" today.

3. "Etheric intelligences," "etheric world entities" and other like New Age terms in Christianity would mean, literally, "demons."

4. My comments on any definition may follow the particular word an indented block quote. Comments are meant to bring out in a word or two similarities between "revival" and New Age practices.

5. If you see any definitions that I may have interpreted wrongly, please let me know by e-mail.

6. If you know of any appropriate definitions, please email them to Stef through the front page. Please include thorough references.


A PRESENCE - 1. Any invisible energy field that is psychically sensed and felt to be a life-form (as man knows life) as opposed to an inert energy field (such as an aura, a thought-form, or colored energies); e.g., a dead bird in one hand and a live bird in the other hand give two distinct feelings; 2. used as an umbrella word if one is unable to discern whether the soul-mind from the etheric world is a ghost, a poltergeist, a UFO intelligence, a personal guide, or a deceased friend; etheric world soul-mind can be perceived by clairvoyance, a cold chill in the atmosphere, a fragrance not relative to anything in the vicinity, a touch on the shoulder, a surge of warmth flooding the body, etc. Usage: "I feel 'a presence' around me making me feel safe." [cf. SPIRIT, ETHERIC WORLD INTELLIGENCE].

"Revival": the Holy Ghost is invited to come as though He was not permanently in the believer. FEELING his presence is emphasized, and that presence is often described as the Spirit "showing up" at the meeting or visiting or "being here tonight." Those in attendance are often told to "breathe in" the Spirit, which is not Christianity, but strict New Age practice.

ABSENT SITTING - to receive a psychic reading from a psychic for someone else who is not in the vicinity. Syn. PROXY SITTING [cf. PSYCHIC INFORMATION, READING].

TV healers, etc. Use this technique.

ABULIA - the level of consciousness in hypnosis in which the conscious mind becomes passive and one then relinquishes their will. [cf. HYPNOTHERAPY; Appendix 5, INDUCTION, POST-HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION].

Music is used to bring about a passive will with short songs sung for long periods of time. More will be said on this in other definitions.

ACTIVE RITUAL - (psi tasks) involvement of direct discharge of energy from agent to target; to psychically discharge concentrated energy to the target. [cf. PSI-CONDUCIVE STATE, OBJECTIVE PROGRAMMING].

This is done in large meetings where sections of people hold their hands out toward others being prayed for, and by TV healers who hold their hands out to "send" the Spirit to heal those watching. Many encourage people placing their hands on their TV sets as "a point of contact."

AGLOW - 1. A radiance of incandescence light around a physical body that has purified their soul-mind; this makes the physical body so refined that the radiance can be seen with physical eyes at times; 2. Golden radiant energies seen by physical eyes when there is a spontaneous fulfillment of the Holy Spirit to an earthling; fulfillment is so meaningful and powerful that it spills over in the physical realm. [Inconcl.] [cf. GLORIFIED BODY, ALCHEMY].

Many of the restored prophets have predicted the visible glory of God being manifested in the Church before Jesus returns. Some have said it has already happened in localized instances.

AKWALU - (Huna) an invisible energy found in all space, vital to all organisms, inanimate or animate; see VITAL LIFE FORCE [Inconcl.] Syn. KL, L-FIELD, SPIRIT, BIOCOSMIC ENERGY.

The Holy Spirit is said to hover over meetings like He did in Genesis 1. As Benny Hinn said in one meeting, "The anointing is so strong here tonight. Breathe in the anointing, quickly" (paraphrased quote). The reason this must be done quickly is because the "anointing" only lasts for a short period of time.

ALCHEMIST OF SACRED FIRE - a burning fire that doesn't consume but vivifies; an accomplishment of an inner degree illumination before becoming a candidate for the outer court of the Great Brotherhood; theory: one cannot succeed in attaining the secret of transmutation unless one has an upright and honest soul. Syn. AGLOW, FIRE OF THE SAGUS. [cf. TRANSMUTATION, ALCHEMY, SIXTH BODY].

Another description of the fire of the revival. Moses and the burning bush is used in defense of the fiery experiences in the current "revival."

ALIEN TONGUES - to utter sounds that are foreign to the native tongue when in a state of ecstasy; sounds are believed to be sent by the Holy Spirit; occurs frequently at Evangelistic or Charismatic services wherein the person is self-hypnotized into a highly joyful state of religious "high." Sim. GLOSSOLALIA,TALKING-IN-TOINGUES,. [cf. INTERPRETATION OF TALKING IN TONGUES, UTTERANCES].

There are true Christian tongues, but also those given by the evil one. One doesn't need an emotional high to manifest tongues.

ANOINTED ONES - ones who have accomplished self-control and mastery over their thinking, actions, talents, and psychic energies; qualifies them to work for the better evolution of civilization; the rank is earned through toil and strife through many incarnations; works toward the progress of the planet in a physical incarnation or from the etheric world; the fifth initiation toward Godhead, Syn. MASTER [cf. HUMAN BEING KINGDOM, ANGEL BEING KINGDOM].

The "revival" has its Anointed ones.

ANOINTING - to have an unguent or oily liquid applied to one's body by an authoritative figure in a ceremonial manner: 1. A mundane symbolic expression in which oils or other ingredients are used to consecrate one for a specific purpose (usually to raise one's state of consciousness); the oil represents the fluid in the kundalini that rises as one purifies one's body through righteous service to mankind; utilizes the law of similarity. 2. to spread fragrances or oils on one's body before psychic work as the etheric world intelligences can readily use fragrances in their spiritual psychic skills; fragrances have an ethereal counterpart easily detectable in the etheric world. [cf. CEREMONIAL MAGIC, CLAIRSCENT].

There is a scriptural anointing of the sick, but I can testify that anointings with fragrant anointing materials do release the fire of kundalini. Some Christians practice the anointing of seats, chairs, etc. before a service, which is deception, not an "anointing."

ANXIETY ATTACK - (possession) a tremendous feeling of apprehension and psychic tension that occurs in one who has possessional attacks; can only be relieved by allowing the etheric world entity of low quality to enter the body, possess it, and have the hysterical fit. Syn. POSSESSION, AVESHA, PHOWA. [cf. HYPERVENTILATION SYNDROME, FREE-FLOATING DREAD, EXORCISM].

Hysterical fits if laughter can be included, which are evident in the "revival."

AP THMOP - (Cambodia) a psychic who specializes in auric clairvoyance and predicts the future of nations and countries by tuning into the aura of sections of civilization. Syn. FORECASTER, PROPHET [cf. VIBRATIONS, CLAIRVOYANT, PROPHECY, Appendix 2].

Many have prophesied about the nations and the glory of God filling and shining forth from them before the coming of Christ. Jill Austin has such a ministry.

APOCALYPTIC ZODIAN - teaching regarding the etheric world and the Solar God; knowledge that the inner nature of man reflects the science of the heavens; used as necessary instructions for the initiate of the mysteries. [cf. MICROCOSM, MACROCOSM, MONADOLOGY].

Similarities to the Catholic Church's sun worship teaching under the guise of the Sacred Heart.

ARTIFICIAL GROUP ELEMENTAL - a large energy field hovering over the heads of individuals in a gathering which has a strong influence on each individual; 1. Energy field is composed of thought energy coming from individuals; field is formed and sustained because of the unity of thoughts and emotions; all minds are focused on one subject, one goal, one concept, or one attitude brought about telepathically by the tone and pitch of the words of the leader or music; elemental becomes recharged as the meeting progresses if the group keeps this unity of emotion and thought; 2. Elemental has an independent existence outside the consciousness of the thinkers and is capable of influencing each person individually to react emotionally in a manner one could not or would not be capable of individually away from the group; 3. Elemental disperses as rapidly as it is formed when the group is dismissed as the crowd no longer has continuity of existence; 4. e.g., individuals at a concert frequently weep because the oneness, joy and awe become overwhelming; young adults at a rock festival scream and tear off clothing because the music is choreographed to tune into these levels of the brain and the massness of feelings thrust them into this: soldiers attend military drills frequently in the sameness of uniform; this, along with the saluting and music reinforces therir patriotism; destructive-brainwashing cult members meet daily or bi-daily to engage in repetitious verbiage and phrase shouting to keep the cult-programming" at an emotional peak. [cf. ELEMENTAL, MASS HYPNOSIS, DESTRUCTIVE-BRAINWASHING CULTS].

Many, many aspects of group gathering for "praise and worship." If you've watched TBN's Trinity Music City program, you will recognize many points in this definition. Later definitions will expand on this.

ARTIKA CEREMONY - a ritual performed in one of the destructive-brainwashing cults to induce a "snapping" state of mind; consists of offering a candle to the deity, jumping up and down,, singing, dancing, chanting repetitiously for a prolonged time, and then concentrating immediately on six statues of deities; overindulgence in the above activities forces one's psychic doors to be open in an unnatural way; one may see visions, pleasant or fierce, but believed (or told) to be spiritual because the individual has never experienced an altered state of consciousness before; the mind has snapped and from that time on the individual floats in and out of the altered state which makes him easier to be controlled by the organization. [cf. DESTRUCTIVE-BRAINWASHING CULT, SNAPPING, FORCED PSYCHISM].

Take away the candle and the six statues and put "Jesus" in their place and this definition pretty much matches the current revival meetings: "jumping up and down,, singing, dancing, chanting repetitiously for a prolonged time."

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, AS BELOW, SO ABOVE - coined by Hermes; shortened from "what is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below." [cf. LAW OF PARALLELISM Appendix 7].

Very similar to the Dominionists prayer that God's kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven before Jesus returns.