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Enterprise-Grade Services
Business Connectivity Dedicated, high-performance connectivity options include Point-to-Point, Frame Relay, ATM and Wireless Broadband options.
Place your application servers in Velocity.Net's state-of-the-art datacenter. Your business, and more importantly, your customers, benefit from our datacenter's redundant, multihomed DS3 links, climate-controlled environment, and battery & natural gas uninterruptible power source features.
Website Hosting
Ready to introduce to the world? Have an existing website that would benefit from Velocity.Net's high-speed Internet backbones? Host your virtual domain website with Velocity.Net.
Website Design
Website design should project a professional corporate image, provide relevant data to your clients and partners, and serve your specific marketing needs. With Velocity.Net, your website will help build brand loyalty and turn your website visitors into highly-valued repeat customers.
Website Programming
Need web-based links into your legacy data systems? Want an online catalog that looks good and can accept encrypted credit card orders? Advanced website programming services are one of Velocity.Net's specialties.
Velocity.Net provides a comprehensive set of consulting services to align your Internet investments with your business objectives. We can help you during you decision making process regarding every facet of Internet technology. From RFP creation to setting company-wide security procedures to simply finding the right hardware or software for the job, Velocity.Net is there to lend a hand.
Nationwide Dialup Plan Heading out of town to attend a conference? Does your traveling sales team need remote Internet access? Whenever you head out on the road, make sure you take Velocity.Net with you. Velocity.Net offers V.92 dialup access across America.
Networking Design and Implementation Project management, cable plant design, voice, data, and fiber network installation, and, of course, broadband Internet connectivity as well as many other services are offered through Velocity.Net's Networking Department. Our engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project succeeds.
Ready to take advantage of our Enterprise services? To obtain additional information, discuss your organization's unique needs, request a quotation, or to schedule an appointment, simply give us a call!
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